Superfood Challenge Day 26 (Level 4!)

Keep Looking for Superfood Recipes … especially if you didn’t find something that worked the first time. Find more recipes and superfood info by searching the Loving Superfoods blog Or ask us for a Superfood Consultation Did you do it?  Count Your Win! Do a little victory dance! Give yourself a Gold Star!

Superfood Challenge Day 25 (Level 4!)

Upgrade Your Health Physically, Mentally & Emotionally! Keep going with the superfoods and actions that improve your performance on all levels! Did you do it?  Count Your Win! Do a little victory dance! Give yourself a Gold Star!

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Superfood Challenge Day 24 (Level 4!)

Track the effects of adding in specific superfoods What are you noticing as you start eating more of the high performance superfoods?   Did you do it?  Count Your Win! Do a little victory dance! Give yourself a Gold Star!  

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Superfood Challenge Day 23 (Level 4!)

Take a baseline measurement of your performance You’ve decided which performance area to work on and which superfoods to add in, so now take a baseline measurement that you can compare to later. Here are some Examples of Performance Metrics to give you some ideas of what to measure and how.   Did you do it?  Count Your Win! Do a little victory dance! Give yourself a Gold Star!

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Take Back Your Life – Actions 7 & 8

When you are upgrading your life it’s important to honor the connection between your body and mind. Upgrading only one of these, without supporting the other, can create an imbalance that either pulls you backwards into old destructive habits or limits your growth. As you eat more superfoods you are naturally raising your vibration and increasing your capacity for awareness in your consciousness.  The phytochemicals, rich nutrients and ormus in superfoods help to remove emotional blocks and make new neural connections in your mind. One of the more beautiful aspects of these consciousness upgrades is that there’s no limit to […]


Level 4 Instructions for the Superfood Challenge

 Superfood Challenge Level 4: Improve Performance Objective: Improve your physical performance, mental clarity and/or emotional mood with the addition of specific superfoods. Expected results: Reduced recovery time, improved athletic performance, more mental clarity and/or uplifted mood. Instructions Overview: 1. Review the options for improving performance physically, mentally and moodily : ) 2. Decide which performance aspects you are going to target and which superfoods you are going to use. 3. Take a baseline measurement of your performance. 4. Add the superfoods into your daily routine and track your results 5. Take care of your body-mind connection.   Detailed Instructions (Use […]

Superfood Challenge

Improving Performance With Superfoods

You’re probably feeling amazing after eating raw superfoods for 3 weeks of the Superfood Challenge … and what if you allowed yourself to feel even better than that!?! Master your use of superfoods by fine-tuning which ones you use more of, for which performance effects. Here are 3 performance areas that you can noticeably improve with the use of specific superfoods: Physical Athletic performance: strength, endurance, reaction time, flexibility Recovery time between workouts Mental Clarity, ability to focus, speed of thought Emotional Mood Balanced, stable, uplifted, happy Non-reactive, managed by consciousness more than environment


How to Make Kale Salad with Superfood Dressing

We love this Kale Salad with superfood dressing recipe!  Here’s how to make it: Watch on YouTube   What you’ll need: Head of Kale Sunfire Salt Olive Oil Spirulina and/or Vitamineral Green Fiesta Mole Nutritional Yeast Flakes


Superfood Challenge Day 21 (Level 3)

How are you feeling about Level 3?!?? Take a moment to review the objective and expected results of Level 3:   Objective: Increase your awareness of your body’s needs, how it functions, and how it is impacted by nutrients and toxins. Expected results: Increased ability to determine the quality of food (letting your tastebuds and/or body reactions communicate the value of a food to your body). Increased energy from additional cleansing and removal of toxins.   How’s it going?  You’ve got one day left before we send out the Level 4 instructions … make it count!   Count Your Wins! […]


Superfood Challenge Day 20 (Level 3!)

Take care of your body/mind connection! Remember, you’re doing all this to upgrade your whole life! Did you do it?  Count Your Win! Do a little victory dance! Give yourself a Gold Star!

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