Dear Superfood Fans,

It’s with gratitude and a little sadness that we must tell you our business is now closed. We started this business in 2008 after drinking Chocolate Bliss, consuming only superfoods for a week, and saying “wow, this feels amazing!” It’s been a fun ride eating these foods and helping so many people to upgrade their health by adding superfoods into their daily diet.

What Happened?

David Favor, the creator of Chocolate Bliss and the majority of the superfoods we carried, decided to indefinitely pause creating these foods. We have no way of knowing if, when, or in what form, he may resume operations. We felt that this long interruption in business was enough to warrant closing the door so that another one might open somewhere.

Another Door Opens


And just like that, within a month of deciding to close our business, a new opportunity fell into our lap that feels really good to both of us. Briefly, we found a company that is providing very high vibration products to help people upgrade their health, align with their life purpose, and help heal the planet. We’ve already noticed profound effects with two of the products: the Immortality Stem Cell Regeneration Remedy and the Tesla’s Evolutionary Technologies for transforming EMF/EMR into coherent energies (and a whole lot more). Let’s just say that our first day of taking the Immortality drops, we both looked at each other and said “this feels like the first time we drank Chocolate Bliss!” – we went up another frequency or two in vibration. If you’d like to peek into the door we’ve walked through, you can learn more about this stuff here:

What’s Next For You

We will be shutting down this website very soon, so please save this dropbox link below that wil continue to be a resource for you of all our recipes, ebooks, and our suggested alternatives to the product line we’ve been carrying.

We love you. We’ll miss you. And we hope to interact with you again soon!

Dan & Melissa

May you find health and happiness with ease and grace.

Much Love!

Melissa Cantrelle & Dan Coppersmith
Loving Superfoods, LLC