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Internal and External Body Cleansing

Things To Remove From Your Diet

As you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options. To accelerate your health upgrades, there are some more toxic “foods” that are worth removing from your lifestyle. Here are some items we suggest you find alternatives to sooner rather than later: Sodas / Fizzy Drinks Phosphates in sodas rob the body of calcium resulting in bone deterioration.  They are also often full of caffeine, sugar and other chemicals that are difficult for the body to process. Instead try Kombucha, Levitation Lemonade or pure spring water.  

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Dandelion Vinegar

Spring is time for dandelions and liver support!  If your yard is organic (or you know of one that is), and you see dandelions blooming, pluck those little flower heads! The yellow flowers are high in lecithin and support liver health. I feel like a honeybee as I buzz over my yard and collect the dandelion flowers. Once you’ve got a bunch, fill a glass mason jar (that has a lid) with the flowers.  Really pack them in there. Pour Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) over the top until all the flowers are covered. Cover with a lid (ideally a plastic […]

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Managing Stress & Sleep Issues

Experiencing a lot of stress in your life taxes your Adrenal Glands, and your entire endocrine system, including your Lymph system.  When the lymph is clogged, you may find yourself in an unhelpful sleep pattern of “lots of doing energy” and unable to sleep, followed by a hard crash of a couple hours of sleep, only to awaken again feeling like you need to move about. If this sleep pattern sounds familiar, this video is for you:   [Watch on Youtube] Learn more about unclogging your Lymph system and getting a good night’s sleep with Vitalize.


Daikon for Detox

Daikon is a Japanese radish that is abundant in digestive enzymes similar to those found in the human digestive tract. These radishes have been used in traditional Japanese and macrobiotic cooking to heal the body and to help it discharge fat, excess fluids and old animal foods lingering in the intestines. For those of you wanting to detox the animal flesh naturally, daikon may be the answer!   Here are a couple of ideas of how you can use this powerful, peppery radish to help cleanse your body:   Grate 2 tablespoons of daikon daily and eat with a few […]

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All About Cleansing – Our First of Four 10-day Cleanses 2

This year we are doing four 10-day cleanses, each timed with an equinox or solstice. I’ve heard it’s good to cleanse 1 day for every year you have lived, and this year I will have gone around the sun 40 times.  Woo hoo!  In celebration I am honoring my body (and mind) with some self-designed cleanses … so of course I’m going to share them with you. My mate Dan is choosing to go on this journey with me because, as he says, “I like to do what you do.”  Also, since I’m the primary creator of delicious eats in […]

Day 7 of Juice Feasting Cleanse

Salt Flush Digestive Tract Cleanse

I will soon be posting a big long article all about cleansing and realized I have not yet posted one of the simplest and easiest cleanses that can be done in half a day (if that).  If you’ve never cleansed before, a great place to start is with this salt flush. You can think of Salt Flushes as a “quarter colonic”. Where colonics only clean the colon, Salt Flushes clean stomach, small intestine and colon. A Salt Flush (or Salt Wash) is: 1 Tbls. of Sun Fire Salt * mixed into 1 Quart warm water Drink the whole quart immediately […]

Clearing Sinus Infections

Here’s an interview I did with David Favor, creator of SunFire Super Foods, about his sure-fire method for clearing chronic sinus infections. Here he shows how to use Balloon Sinuplasty or NCR (NeuroCranial Restructuring).   Watch on Youtube: Here’s the link mentioned for finding a practitioner near you: We also talk about a Neti Pot for sinus maintenance. I haven’t tried this yet since my sinuses have cleared simply from eating raw superfoods like Chocolate Bliss and plenty of Primal Digest Enzymes whenever I have any sinus inflammation occur.  If you have chronic sinus infections, try the sinuplasty […]


The Master Cleanse

Dan and I did the Master Cleanse and we feel great!  It’s actually been over a month ago that we did it and I’m just now making the time to tell you about it (spring gardening took priority). [amazon-product alink=”#0000ff” bgcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”#ffffff”]0963926209[/amazon-product]There’s lots of info available about the Master Cleanse.  We have the book “[amazon-product text=”The Master Cleanse” type=”text”]0963926209[/amazon-product]” and apparently there’s a new version called “[amazon-product text=”The Complete Master Cleanse” type=”text”]1569756139[/amazon-product]” and a Peter Glickman book called “[amazon-product text=”Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 days” type=”text”]0975572229[/amazon-product]“.  There are plenty of people blogging about their master […]

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Stopping Migraines With Food 1

I don’t get migraines, but I’ve run across a few people who do, so I thought I’d share what has worked for them. Here’s what my friend Mae says: “When I have that heavy or painful feeling starting I take these for a few days.  I use the Transformation brand:  2 ExcellZymes, 3 CalmZymes (sometimes I only do 2 (I am small), 1 Protease IFC.  So far this has been an awesome remedy for me.  I have been using more of the CalmZymes on a regular basis and it helps me be more relaxed and I believe my muscles stay […]


Results of My First Liver Cleanse 9

I hope I don’t gross you out.  I’m fascinated by what my body produces even though these little babies were clogging up my system. Here’s a pic of the gallstones I just released in my first liver cleanse: That’s a penny for comparison. I’ve actually done a liver cleanse once before, about a year ago, but I didn’t follow all the instructions and didn’t get anything out. This time I followed the instructions to the letter in the new book [amazon-product text=”The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse” type=”text”]1569756066[/amazon-product].  I guess drinking the Epsom Salts made all the difference.  And all […]

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