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Heavy Metals Opinions & Reactions 2

A customer asked us about the recent heavy metals debate that Mike Adams stirred up with Jameth Sheridan’s passing.  Here is my response: Thanks so much for reaching out to us on this topic.  Yes, the whole Mike Adams, Health Force, and Jameth Sheridan’s death stirred up quite a lot of reactions and opinions.  In case you didn’t see it yet, you might also read the statement from Health Force about the situation: It’s not always easy to know what information to trust.  This comment on Mike Adams’ original post sums up my attitude about it pretty concisely: “Turns out […]

Chocolate For Focus Webinar 7

Here’s the first of our Q&A Webinars, this one is focused on How Raw Chocolate can Increase your Focus, Concentration & Energy. watch on Youtube: Here’s What We Covered about Chocolate For Focus: * Components of Chocolate that Increase Focus * Why Chocolate is Better Raw * How To Make It Easy With Chocolate Blissing * Q&A: We’ll answer your questions about chocolate, focus, energy, superfoods and health. Great questions and answers in this webinar including: – getting off of meds for ADD – Chocolate Bliss for IBS – Supplements vs. Superfoods – Combining Cacao and Carob for magnesium and calcium […]


Friendly Voicemails of Appreciation 2

We LOVE Feedback!  Here’s a delightful voicemail message we just got that made our day: Thanks LaTarsha!  We think the superfoods are pretty awesome for awakening and clean living too! 🙂 If you’d like to contribute your story of superfood inspirations,  send us an email, leave us a voicemail (214-717-3321), or post a video and send us the link. Here are some things you could tell us: What do you like most about the information we’ve sent you (our monthly newsletters, the Upgrading Your Health With Raw Superfoods ebook, our website)? How have your perceptions about superfoods changed? Anything else […]

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Raves for Vitalize, SunFire Salt & Chocolate Bliss

Dear Loving Superfoods! Just wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on a couple of the products I have been using.  First, Vitalize.  I absolutely love that this is such a gentle way to get some deep sleep:  no grogginess the next day and doing something good for my body at the same time by supporting my lymphatic system.  Really glad to have found this product and thankful for your recommendation. The SunFire salt is fabulous – so much more flavorful (and even the color is beautiful) than regular salt or even the sea salt I used before.  […]

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Loving Superfoods Customer Service Rawks!

I just have to write a glowing testimonial not only about these excellent products but the prompt, attentive, and friendly customer service ~ kudos to Melissa Cantrelle and Dan Coppersmith. I am addicted to the taste and health properties of Fiesta Mole and when it ran out I immediately ordered more ~ put in the order March 30 and received the order on April 1 — talk about fast service! Melissa and Dan are always eager to answer any questions and give updates on their products, I will continue to order from this quality business, knowing that they stand behind […]

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Daily Superfood Diet 1

If you like a schedule to follow, here’s one we recommend for adding superfoods into your daily lifestyle.  This is a great way to get started with 3 key superfoods: Chocolate Bliss, Chia Seeds and Primal Digest Enzymes. Morning: Chocolate Bliss! Drink 8 ounces of water, then 8 ounces of Chocolate Bliss, then 8 ounces of water Chia Porridge! Eat at least a ½ Cup of Chia Porridge (either right after the Chocolate Bliss or as a mid-morning snack when you are hungry next)   Lunch: Greens! Eat something green as part of your lunch (salad, green smoothie, or cooked […]

Superfood Challenge