A Day In The Life Part 4: What Tools of the Trade Do You Start With? 1

This is a continuation of our Day in the Life Story of what we eat … this time talking about the kitchen tools we use to make especially yummy raw foods.

What Tools of the Trade Do You Start With?

Blend, Blend, BLEND!  So much of the raw food diet is facilitated by blending.  It breaks down the cell walls of foods so it’s easier to digest, enhances flavors, enables you to eat more fruits and veggies in less time, and is all-around an awesome way of eating/drinking/slurping food.

vitamixWhen we found raw foods, we already had a Vitamix in the house and if we didn’t we’d be getting one soon.  You can make a lot of raw foods, including our beloved Chocolate Bliss with a regular blender, but you can do so much more with a Vitamix or other high-powered blender.
We also have a small Hamilton Beach blender we got for traveling with our Bliss.
dehydrator - good4u

The next thing we got was a dehydrator, but only because I knew I wanted to play extensively in the raw food game including making my own nori rolls, crackers, and making our activated nuts crunchy again.  I wouldn’t suggest this be item #2 for you … maybe #3 or 4 or not at all.

food processorI would however suggest your second tool be a food processor.  Even a small one that doesn’t cost much money can help you with some of the recipes, especially pates.  This is the Cuisinart Food Processor I got, but that’s also because I make food for lots of people at our superfood dinner parties.
We already had a juicer in the house, but it wasn’t used much and still isn’t.  It sits in a cupboard and comes out on rare occasions when we crave fresh juice.

spiralizerThe Spiralizer is a very fun tool, especially if you like pasta, for very little money.  I don’t use it often because I don’t make raw veggie pasta often, but when I do make raw pasta it saves a LOT of time.  I wouldn’t attempt raw veggie pasta recipes without it because I would get tired and bored of all the effort.

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Enjoy your journey!



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