All About Food Toxins

stop eating crap cleanseAs you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options.

The health upgrades you experience from high quality foods will be more noticeable when you consciously remove low-quality, toxic foods from your diet.

What’s A Food Toxin?

Toxins are things you ingest that your body doesn’t recognize as food.

Most toxins are much more sinister than just an inert substance that needs to pass on through your body: many of them endanger your health.

Your body will always do whatever it can to keep you alive in the present moment, even if it means shortening your overall life span.

  • First it will try to remove the toxin from the body.
  • If it can’t remove the toxin (like when there’s an overload of the toxin, or the organs for filtering and eliminating toxins are backed up), it will find a place to store it so that it’s out of the way and not endangering your health.

>>The body’s favorite storage place for toxins is fat!

When you stop eating food toxins your body can apply the energy it was using to store toxins toward removing the toxins that have been stored in your fat … right-sizing your weight – YAY!

Your body always wants to repair and maintain perfect health, but it can’t apply energy towards those processes if it’s too busy fighting the immediate danger of incoming toxins.  Give it a hand by removing toxins from your diet (and your environment).


Remove & Replace The Toxins!

less crap-more foodSome food toxins may taste good to you.  Many of them have addictive qualities that mask their lack of nutrients and keep you eating the empty calories.

You can go “cold-turkey” and simply remove an item with your will-power.

Even better is to find replacements for the low-quality food so that your body gets the nutrients it was really trying to signal to you it needed.


Here are some items we suggest you remove and replace sooner rather than later.
These are listed in no particular order. Ideally you will remove all of them from your diet, but start by replacing whatever you feel you can right now.


Sodas / Fizzy Drinks – Diet or Regular

Why it’s toxic: Most fizzy drinks (except carbonated water) contain phosphoric acid which is extremely acidic.  Eating highly acidic foods triggers your body to use the calcium in your bones and teeth to balance your pH, which leads to weak bones, tissue calcification, and many ensuing dis-eases.

Most sodas also contain many chemical-based additives, white sugar or artificial sweeteners.  All of these are highly toxic for your body as you’ll see below.

Use Instead: Kombucha, Carbonated Water, Coconut Water, Fruit/Veggie flavored water, Izze fruit juice carbonated drinks.


Energy Drinks

Why it’s toxic:  Huge amounts of sugar, addictive caffeine, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, ugh.  Dan tried these for a while and had the worst acid reflux and throat issues ever.  Don’t let the “natural ingredients” fool you.  The Guarana and B vitamins are not in their raw, natural state and accompanied by all the sugar, preservatives and caffeine, your body has a completely jittery response.

Using raw guarana and natural B vitamins will give you the natural energy boost without the jitters or the addiction.

Use Instead: Levitation Lemonade, Chocolate Bliss, Raw Guarana, Blue-Green Algae, Natural B Vitamins


Artificial Additives (MSG, Aspartame, “natural flavors”)

This includes: sports drinks, processed foods, fast foods, some restaurant foods

Why it’s toxic: artificial additives are just that: artificial.  That means it’s not a natural substance that your body can process or use like a real, whole food.  Most of these are also extremely damaging to your health.  Check these articles out:

What is MSG and why is it bad for you

Aspartame: the far most dangerous substance added to most foods today

Don’t be fooled by natural flavors

Use Instead: Whole food products that do not include these ingredients (read the ingredients list carefully), cook at home, use restaurants and products that reveal their organic food sources


White Sugar

Why it’s toxic: Refined, white sugar suppresses the immune system, feeds cancer cells, triggers weight gain, and has a detrimental effect on your brain including anxiety, difficulty concentrating, mood swings and intoxicating addiction.

Most white sugar is also made from GMO sugar beets (see below).

Read more about the dangers of white sugar and it’s many forms.

Use Instead: natural sweeteners like Vanilla Agave Nectar, honey, palm sugar, lucuma, dates, bananas


Avoiding-GMO-FoodsGMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms

This includes: Non Organic Soy (Soybean Oil, Non Organic Tofu), Non Organic Corn (Non Organic Tortilla Chips, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Corn Oil), Non Organic Sugar Beets, Canola Oil

Why it’s toxic: Foods are typically genetically modified so that the Roundup or other pesticides can be applied to the field, killing the weeds but not the genetically modified plant.  That means you are eating a food that is heavily covered in pesticides and that is altered so that your body doesn’t recognize it as a natural, whole food.

In the case of corn, it’s modified to cause the stomach of attacking bugs to explode when they eat the corn.  So when you eat the corn … well, learn more about it in this documentary all about GMO foods: Genetic Roulette.

Sadly, a lot of the GMO foods are fed to livestock, which makes them sick, which means they require more antibiotics, all of which concentrates the chemicals in the meat you eat (unless you eat organic meats that were fed organic foods).

Use Instead: Buy only organic versions of these foods in order to avoid GMO’s.  Read the ingredients lists on processed and packaged foods!


White Table Salt

Why it’s toxic: Your typical iodized table salt is blasted at high temperatures and chemically treated.  The iodine that is added to it isn’t even in a natural form that your body can recognize, and it blocks your body’s ability to uptake the natural forms of iodine.

Your body will try to eliminate or store this unnatural, unusable toxin, which uses massive amounts of your body’s energy and water.  The effect is often dehydration, water retention, high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Switching all of your salt intake to natural salts will give you all the minerals your body is signalling that it needs when you crave salty things.

Use Instead: SunFire Salt.  We believe so strongly in SunFire Salt, that we carry it with us wherever we go.

If you use other natural salts like pink Himalayan or sea salt, check to make sure the salt is not processed with nickel-plated grinders.  The nickel dust that wears off during the grinding process is even more toxic than Mercury.


old fast foodFast Food / Fried Foods with Trans Fats

Why it’s toxic: Most fast foods are generally low quality ingredients and likely to contain any or all of the ingredients we’ve already suggested you remove. Now add in the problem with Trans Fats and you’ll really want to stay away from them.

Trans fats are created through hydrogenation: converting liquid oils into solid fats.  It’s supposed to enhance the taste and extend shelf life.  However, trans fats are stiff and plastic-like, 10 times harder for your body to break down than cooked saturated fats, and much more likely to increase your risk of degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Use Instead: Whole food, raw saturated fats are good for you: your brain needs them to think well and your body needs them for long-term energy.  When you crave fats, use avocados, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil and nut butters.

Removing fast food from your diet may require a bigger lifestyle change.  Instead of the “quick and easy” drive through you’ll want to do the “simple and prepared” box lunch.  Taking a day a week to make prepared snacks and meals can keep you out of the “quick and easy” low-quality food trap and keep you eating upgraded foods.  Use your will and start a new habit!


Tap Water with Chlorine and/or Fluoride

Why it’s toxic: Chlorine is added to tap water to treat it for micro-organisms, however it will continue to act on any beneficial bacteria in your body (or on your skin).  This causes an imbalance in your body which can lead to Candida (explore more about this).

Fluoride is in most city water systems (tap water again).  It’s been touted to help prevent tooth decay, however it has negative effects on the brain, impacting learning and behavior.  Essentially it “dumbs you down.”  It may also impact thyroid function, damage bone integrity, increase infertility, and more.  Explore more with the 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation.

Both Chlorine and Fluoride may also increase risk of cancer.

Use Instead: Spring Water is best.  Read all about High Quality Water to learn how to replace tap water with upgraded solutions.  It’s also ideal to use a shower filter (and bath filter!) so you aren’t exposed to so much chlorine through your skin or the chlorine gas from a hot shower, which is even worse for you.


Non-Organic Wheat, Milk, Meats, Potatoes & Other Fruits & Veggies

12 most contaminated
This includes: products made with non-organic wheat like cereals, breads, crackers, tortillas; products made with non-organic potatoes like fries and potato chips; dairy products made with rBGH milk; meats raised on non-organic, gmo-feed.

Why it’s toxic:  Organic is always safest because it means there won’t be any pesticides, chemicals, hormones, or genetic modification.  Some products are even more important to get organic because of standard processes used on these foods:

  • Non-Organic Wheat is sometimes sprayed with Roundup to make it easier to process with the harvesting machine.  (explore more about this)
  • Non-Organic Milk or rBGH-free Milk means that the cows were probably treated with the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH).  It’s designed to increase milk production, however it also usually leads to more antibiotics given to the cows as well.  Milk from rBGH cows may lead to hormone issues and breast cancer.
  • Meats raised on non-organic, gmo feed are more likely to be sick, which means they require more antibiotics.  You are what you eat, and you are what you eat, eats. Eating non-organic meat means you are eating higher concentrations of chemicals and genetically modified foods.
  • Non-Organic Potatoes are one of the most sprayed vegetables and often genetically modified.  Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables to make sure you buy organic.

Use Instead: Organic, Organic, Organic!  Get organic wheat or other flour options like garbanzo bean flour, millet flour, buckwheat flour, rice flour, oat flour.  Use organic or rBGH-free milk.  If it’s on the dirty dozen produce list, get it organic!



Why it’s toxic: Long-term, over-use of alcohol impairs your brain function, increases nerve damage, and overburdens body’s toxin-filtering organs: your liver and kidneys. 

Alcohol reduces the amount of digestive enzymes secreted by your pancreas. These enzymes are necessary to break down alcohol and to digest your food. A significant intake of alcohol is the No. 1 cause of chronic pancreatitis or inflammation of your pancreas.

Explore More about the toxic effects of alcohol, how alcohol affects the body, the chemistry of sugar and alcohol cravings.

Use Instead: Kombucha, Carbonated Water, Jun (a relative of Kombucha, but tastes more like wine than beer).  Take Digestive Enzymes after you’ve had alcohol to make it easier for your body to process the sugars.


Prescription Drugs

Why it’s toxic:  Made from chemicals and with all kinds of side-effects, many prescription drugs don’t play well with others:  other drugs and even other foods.  If you’re taking any prescription drugs, do your best to eat your superfoods at a different time of day so that your superfoods aren’t fighting for attention in your digestive tract.

Explore more about how prescription drugs cause nutrient depletion.

Use Instead: Work with your doctor (or find a naturopathic doctor you can work with) to find natural alternatives and/or wean yourself off of prescriptions.  You may also find that upgrading your health with superfoods makes this process easier as many health issues stem from inflammation which is often reduced while eating raw superfoods and removing other toxins from your diet.


Quick List of Food Toxins to Remove

  • toxins in foodSodas / Fizzy Drinks – Diet or Regular
  • Energy Drinks
  • Artificial Additives (MSG, Aspartame, “natural flavors”)
  • White Sugar
  • GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms
  • White Table Salt
  • Fast Food / Fried Foods with Trans Fats
  • Tap Water with Chlorine and/or Fluoride
  • Non-Organic Wheat, Milk, Meats, Potatoes & Other Fruits & Veggies
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs

If you start by replacing any/all of these items, you’re bound to notice upgrades in your health.

For even more information on what to remove, check out these additional resources:


Go, Ready, Set!

Leave a comment below or email us and tell us:

  • What are you going to remove first?
  • What are you going to replace it with?
  • Let us know if you need ideas for more replacement options!



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