Ayurvedic Analysis

A friend just sent me this fun link to find out what your Ayurvedic Dosha type is:


I come up as primarily Vata:

“The most important thing to know about Vata is that it leads the other doshas. Vata usually goes out of balance first, which causes the early stages of disease.”

I guess that means I’m the canary in the coal mine letting you know when the oxygen is almost gone? All the more reason for me to be eating superfoods!

ayurvedaLike Eat Right For Your Type, Ayurveda is another fun way to experiment with different eating styles to see what works best for your individual body. Some of the guidelines may work well for you, and some of the “rules” might not be appropriate for your individual body and temperament.

I was mostly interested in having a summary of what foods are heating and which ones are cooling. It’s nice to be able to cool down in the summer not just by eating more raw, but also by eating foods that are naturally cooling. And likewise, when the cool weather of Fall rolls around, I’ll definitely be eating more tomatoes and spices … lots of Fiesta Mole! 🙂

What’s your type?



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