Blessing Your Food

Love Plus Gratitude Water Crystal

Love Plus Gratitude Water Crystal

No matter what you eat, whether raw or cooked, meat or plant, processed or whole, the ONE thing you can always do to upgrade the quality of your food, the enjoyment of your dining experience, and the health of your body, is to Bless Your Food.

I don’t mean you have to be religious or say a specific prayer.  I mean, sending loving intent to the food you are about to eat.  Loving what you are eating.  Savoring it.  Appreciating how you got the food, how it will serve your body, and your body’s ability to turn that food into fuel for your life.

There’s a beautiful science and imagery behind this suggestion that you bless your food (and your drink and your body for that matter).  Dr. Masaru Emoto researches and photographs water crystals that have been subjected to varying thoughts/words, music and prayer/intent.  The positive oriented influences create beautiful crystalline structures of the water.  The negative or null influences show water with little to no crystal structure and often ugly-looking pictures.

Your body is made up of quite a bit of water and so is your what you eat.  Can you imagine putting the energies of love and gratitude into your food and your body and what that might do to your overall body-mind consciousness?  As my mom used to say, “it can’t hurt, and it might help.”

The way I do this is I keep written positive words (like Love, Gratitude, Energy, Peace, Health, Enlightenment) on our water cooler so that every drop we drink has passed through those positive words.  When I eat or drink anything I do my best to remember to send my food and all who helped create it some love and appreciation (usually while I hold my hands over my food as an act of imbuing it with this energy).  I also keep quartz crystals (and sometimes amethyst and citrine and danburite crystals) in my water bottles that I have intended hold distinct energies (like love, enlightenment and health).   All these things I feel are helping to structure my food (and my thoughts) towards the consciousness I desire to create in my life.  And I feel good! 🙂

To further inspire you, here’s a beautiful video that demonstrates some of Dr. Emoto’s work with images of water crystals subjected to positive and negative thoughts and words

Watch On Youtube:


You may also like to further explore Dr. Emoto’s work with his book [amazon-product text=”The Hidden Messages In Water” type=”text”]0743289803[/amazon-product].



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