Chocolate Bliss

Diet Staples of Rick The Health Sleuth

Thanks to Rick the Health Sleuth for this guest posting about his use of Chocolate Bliss as a High Raw, Vegan Diet Staple. It’s nice to know there are many of us in cyber-land and the real world putting our minds, hearts, buying power and mouths into action to create healthy lives and a healthier planet. Read on for Rick’s story of how he found Bliss in his transition to a raw food diet. And be sure to subscribe to his Health Sleuth Blog for frequent awesome posts about the truth behind our nutrition, food supplies and even more health-related […]


Stop Drinking Coffee & Lose Weight with Raw Guarana & Yerba Matte In Your Chocolate Bliss 2

This is a compilation of several Superfood Dinner nights where I talked about how to use RAW Guarana and RAW Yerba Matte in your Chocolate Bliss in order to stop needing coffee or caffeine and lose even more weight. These raw superfoods are NOT the same as a guarana or yerba matte tea that you might find in a grocery store.  When they are in this pristine, raw state they are awesome, powerful adaptogenics without any of the icky side-effects you might get with the cooked versions. Learn all about these superfoods, how to use them, and how they compare […]


Laura’s Bliss Kisses – The Bliss-full Way To Travel 7

I like chocolate, especially when I can chew on it. Thankfully my friend and raw kitchen elf came up with this “bliss kiss” recipe.  I’ve found that when I make it with cacao butter (in place of coconut oil), it’s a particularly easy way to travel and still have my chocolate bliss fix. [Cacao butter will stay solid at room temperature after it’s been refrigerated once.  Kisses made with coconut oil need to stay frozen or refrigerated (I like frozen) so they don’t get mushy] When you play with your own variations, please comment what works best for you … […]

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Our Personal Chocolate Bliss Recipe 3

Here’s our personal Chocolate Bliss recipe that we use daily. You don’t need to add more superfoods to Chocolate Bliss, but we like the increased effects from each one of these additions. (See also the original Chocolate Bliss recipe) 1 Gallon of Chocolate Bliss (Our Personal Recipe) 3 Cups pure water 1 Cup Vanilla Agave Nectar or honey 1.25 Cups Chocolate Bliss mix We like it extra chocolatey 1 Tbsp Bee Pollen Gives us more natural energy from the B vitamins and hormone support 1 Tbsp Tocotrienols Creates a creamier, frothier bliss – more like milk chocolate and high in natural […]

Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bliss Superfood Drink – What’s in it?

If you haven’t checked out Chocolate Bliss yet, well, get with it!I can’t think of a better way to own your brilliance and really shine than to eat yummy, super-nutrient, chocolatey superfoods and Chocolate Bliss is my daily favorite! Watch this video for all the why’s of how great the ingredients are … and then get some! here: