Internal and External Body Cleansing

Types of Cleanses

What is a Cleanse? A body cleanse is essentially an intentional, directed expelling of toxins from the body and improved functioning of body systems. Cleansing naturally occurs due to: increased support for the body’s innate cleansing operations and elimination organs removal of toxins from the diet supplementation of nutrients ideally, all of the above   Why Cleanse? You may already be experiencing some cleansing effects from having added superfoods into your diet with Level 1 of the Superfood Challenge. That’s Awesome! And here’s why: When you choose to do a more targeted cleanse, you can increase and accelerate your experience […]

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All About Food Toxins

As you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options. The health upgrades you experience from high quality foods will be more noticeable when you consciously remove low-quality, toxic foods from your diet. What’s A Food Toxin? Toxins are things you ingest that your body doesn’t recognize as food. Most toxins are much more sinister than just an inert substance that needs to pass on through your body: many of them endanger your health. Your body will always do whatever it can to keep you alive in the present moment, even if it […]

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Easing Detox Symptoms

Adding raw superfoods into your diet and removing food toxins may give your body all it requires to start to detoxify.  Your body will begin removing old toxins from their storage places (fat cells) and use all your elimination organs to flush them out. When you detox, all those old toxins circulate in your blood stream as they eliminate, which can cause some unpleasant reactions. What Are Detox Symptoms? The first 3 days of a cleanse (or upgrade) are often when the majority of your detox symptoms are going to show. I’ve experienced things like mild headaches, low energy, requiring […]

Possible Detox Symptoms

Things To Remove From Your Diet

As you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options. To accelerate your health upgrades, there are some more toxic “foods” that are worth removing from your lifestyle. Here are some items we suggest you find alternatives to sooner rather than later: Sodas / Fizzy Drinks Phosphates in sodas rob the body of calcium resulting in bone deterioration.  They are also often full of caffeine, sugar and other chemicals that are difficult for the body to process. Instead try Kombucha, Levitation Lemonade or pure spring water.      

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Dandelion Vinegar

Spring is time for dandelions and liver support!  If your yard is organic (or you know of one that is), and you see dandelions blooming, pluck those little flower heads! The yellow flowers are high in lecithin and support liver health. I feel like a honeybee as I buzz over my yard and collect the dandelion flowers. 🙂 Once you’ve got a bunch, fill a glass mason jar (that has a lid) with the flowers.  Really pack them in there. Pour Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) over the top until all the flowers are covered. Cover with a lid (ideally a […]

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Managing Stress & Sleep Issues

Experiencing a lot of stress in your life taxes your Adrenal Glands, and your entire endocrine system, including your Lymph system.  When the lymph is clogged, you may find yourself in an unhelpful sleep pattern of “lots of doing energy” and unable to sleep, followed by a hard crash of a couple hours of sleep, only to awaken again feeling like you need to move about. If this sleep pattern sounds familiar, this video is for you:   [Watch on Youtube] Learn more about unclogging your Lymph system and getting a good night’s sleep with Vitalize.