Easing Detox Symptoms

Possible Detox SymptomsAdding raw superfoods into your diet and removing food toxins may give your body all it requires to start to detoxify.  Your body will begin removing old toxins from their storage places (fat cells) and use all your elimination organs to flush them out.

When you detox, all those old toxins circulate in your blood stream as they eliminate, which can cause some unpleasant reactions.

What Are Detox Symptoms?

The first 3 days of a cleanse (or upgrade) are often when the majority of your detox symptoms are going to show.

I’ve experienced things like mild headaches, low energy, requiring more sleep, mood swings, body aches and pains, and foul smelling poo.

How Do You Deal With Them?

While detox symptoms can be unpleasant to experience, they’re also a great sign that it’s working!  Your body is doing repair work and upgrading your health!

Here’s what you can do to ease the process:

  • Give yourself more time to rest and soothe yourself for the first 3 days of a cleanse or upgrade.
    Tip: If you’re about to begin a bigger upgrade leap or intense cleanse, start it on a Friday so your worst days are over the weekend.
  • Drink plenty of water to help the toxins flush out
  • symptoms-of-detoxificationDrink peppermint tea and put lavender essential oil on your temples to address headaches
  • Take Epsom Salts baths to ease sore muscles and help your skin detox
  • Sleep.  Take naps, go to bed early, let yourself sleep in.  Sleep is when your body does the majority of its repair work, so give it more time to repair.
  • Increase your doses of Primal Digest Enzymes, Vitalize, MSM and Vitamin C to help your body process the toxins out quickly.
  • Add soothing fiber like Chia Gel to your diet to help your body move things out through the colon
  • Get some sunshine for uplifting your mood and increasing your immune-enhancing vitamin D
  • Do a Thymus Pump to boost and reset your immune system:
    Rhythmically tap your chest with both hands about 2 inches below your collar bone while looking up and smiling and thinking happy thoughts. (This is a great daily maintenance practice too.)
  • Watch movies: inspiring documentaries like Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, uplifting movies and movies that make your laugh.  Do things that help you to distract, soothe and inspire yourself.
  • Be easy with yourself, love yourself, ask for and receive hugs.
  • Get some body work: gentle massage, energy work, sauna and/or spa.


Baking Soda Enemas

enema bag

enema kit

If you’re cool with trying an enema, I highly suggest using them to ease your detox symptoms and help your body cleanse.  Enemas clean out your colon where a lot of toxins are simply waiting to exit.  Getting them out sooner can ease a lot of the aches and sore muscles that often comes with cleansing.

In the past I’ve done Coffee Enemas (see our Master Cleanse post for how to do these) and I really like them for supporting my liver and completely erasing all the aches and pains.  They also give you LOTS of energy because of the caffeine in your colon, so do them earlier in the day.

The baking soda enema is also awesome for removing aches and pains.  I had some lower back / tailbone pains on a cleanse that were gone once I did the baking soda enema.

The other cool thing about baking soda is that it creates an alkaline environment, so when the acidic toxins are released they are way less likely to burn your rear (another good one for those of you with hemorrhoids).


Here’s the recipe:

1 Tbsp Baking Soda dissolved in 2 Quarts warm water (aim for 103 degrees)

Pour the liquid into your enema bag (available at most drug stores) and put a little coconut oil on the tip for easy insertion.

Place the bag about a foot to 18 inches above you.

Once the bag is emptied into you, hold it for 10 minutes before releasing into the toilet.


Enema Tips:

enema positionsWe usually do our enemas on our large bathroom floor.  We lay a plastic sheet and towel on the floor (just in case) and have a timer on the floor to count the “holding” minutes.

For the baking soda enema, lie mostly on your tummy with one leg pulled up and your rear slightly elevated into the air (maintaining about 18 inches between your rear and the bottom of the enema bag for ideal flow rate).  It’s a little more awkward than lying on your right side (for the coffee enema), but that little bit of angle from your but being higher than your chest seems to help the enema.

During an enema you are going to experience periods of discomfort as your body does it’s natural peristalsis action on the water in there and air bubbles move around.  Breathe through it – it’s temporary and part of the process.

My friend Courtney told me that after doing a series of enemas, which can flush out the beneficial probiotics in your colon, you can also do a probiotic “implant” after you’re done with all the flushing, by taking in (rectally) 4-8 ounces of water with probiotics dissolved in it … then just letting it stay in there.


Make It Stop!

If you are so uncomfortable that you are in pain from your detox reactions, then slow down your health upgrades.  Eat some cooked food that feels comforting to you.  Drink more water to flush out the toxins.  Eat some soothing fiber, like Chia Gel.  Back off on your chosen cleansing a bit so that your upgrades can be gentle.

sick or detoxing?The only reason I can see for a faster, more painful upgrade is if you are facing a life-threatening disease (like stage 4 cancer) and you need to make fast changes now in order to stay alive now.

If that’s not you, then allow your health upgrades to be more gentle so that you can enjoy the journey and you don’t do any damage to your body’s elimination or cleansing systems by overloading it with repair work.

How do you know if it’s just a little headache that will be gone tomorrow or something you need to pay attention to and make it stop?  Use the suggestions above to ease the symptoms, and if that doesn’t do it, then consider stopping your cleanse.

Listen to your body and find the right level of detox for you.  Sometimes you will want to ease your way through the detox, and sometimes you need a break from the cleansing.  You decide.



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