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Thanks to Rick the Health Sleuth for this guest posting about his use of Chocolate Bliss as a High Raw, Vegan Diet Staple. It’s nice to know there are many of us in cyber-land and the real world putting our minds, hearts, buying power and mouths into action to create healthy lives and a healthier planet. Read on for Rick’s story of how he found Bliss in his transition to a raw food diet. And be sure to subscribe to his Health Sleuth Blog for frequent awesome posts about the truth behind our nutrition, food supplies and even more health-related topics. Rick Rawks! (so say Melissa & Dan)


For the most part, not a single day goes by without someone asking me “What does a high-raw foodist eat besides salads?” I always appreciate that question when it’s coming from someone who is truly curious and open-minded. However, when the question is posed in a condescending or ignorant tone, it’s hard to respond in a courteous way. It is truly a shame that the ignorance levels about nutrition/health/wellness in this country have reached these astronomical proportions. The disinformation campaigns launched by the megacorporations over the years have led to a completely uneducated populous regarding what they are truly ingesting on a daily basis.

Luckily for me, both my immediate family and my best friends are fully supportive of my lifestyle changes over the past year or so. They ask questions with open-minds and give feedback when they can. They allow me to teach them about certain subjects about which they’d never even heard of previously. Topics like dehydrating, blended salads, raw cacao and pure water are commonplace at my friends and family gatherings. Without a support group such as this, I may not have been able to fully transition into my current lifestyle. I am thankful for all of the love and support they send my way.

With that said, I’m going to spend some time each day this week talking about staples in my diet. Feedback and questions are always appreciated!

Staple for Daily Liquid Superfood Nourishment:
Chocolate Bliss by SunFire Super Foods

Chocolate Bliss

Transitioning to a raw diet is difficult to say the least, especially for those who are used to eating 80%-100% cooked foods (as I was just a year ago). Getting optimum nutrition seems like a daunting task at first, but luckily for us some products exist that eliminate that problem. Some people find it especially tricky to get enough calories into their diet to keep their energy at a peak level. They don’t understand that once the body adjusts to a more nutrient-dense diet, it needs less overall calories (energy) to accomplish the same things.

In my research that led to the transition away from bodybuilding diet/supplements and into high-quality diet/supplements, I stumbled upon Premier Research Labs – possibly the best supplement company in the world (more on them in a later post). While perusing their website, I first noticed Chocolate Bliss. It was not a product formulated by Premier, but they sold it nonetheless. It intrigued me, and once I read the write-up on the product I immediately purchased it from them. Since then it has become a daily staple for me as I am somewhat addicted to its chocolate-y goodness. Since I am a huge advocate of supporting small business entrepreneurs, Nowadays I’ve been ordering my Chocolate Bliss from Loving Superfoods, since they have tons of additional raw products that work synergistically with the Bliss to increase my energy, mood, health, beauty, radiance and longevity!

David Favor of Radical Health formulated Chocolate Bliss for those wanting an all-in-one superfood drink to jumpstart the raw lifestyle. This amazing concoction is full of raw sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids (EFA’s). It’s fair trade, sustainable, and certified pristine, which is a grade actually above organic. The ingredients list is a veritable who’s-who among superfoods: cacao, hemp, coconut, maca, MSM, red salt, vanilla, carob, tocotrienols, CoQ10, camu camu, and more!

Every afternoon I have a shake with Chocolate Bliss and a few other random ingredients – lately it’s been a vegan protein, agave nectar, spring water, and yerba matte. Since I exercise after work at about 5pm, this shake powers me through the afternoon at work and on through my workout. Since I started these shakes, I have not lost any strength in the gym although my daily calories, protein, fat and carbs are all significantly decreased. Its micronutrient profile provides my body with all the nourishment it needs to accomplish personal goals in and out of the gym.

From the Premier write-up about the product:

Chocolate Bliss contains 23 super foods and adaptogens. It is designed to promote multi-stage dilation and mood/energy/immune stabilization. Dilation (expansion) begins with Cacao Powder’s high magnesium level which expands colon tissue, continues with components which increase cell permeability and nutrient uptake, and completes with Camu Camu increasing blood flow to brain and eye tissue. Rhodiola Rosea, Maca & Hemp promote optimal sugar metabolism balance and peak mood/energy/immune function. The smooth, rich chocolate flavor is enjoyable and provides continuous peak mood, energy and beauty. Because of it’s purity many people find they also enjoy this as their primary food in smoothie form.

Another awesome benefit of this product is that it can be mixed up early in the morning and sipped on all day…I personally prefer it as an afternoon meal replacement, but it can and probably should be sipped on all day – the chocolate lovers will have no problem with that I’m sure 🙂

And of course a small disclaimer: in no way am I financially affiliated with this company. I find a product I believe in, and I talk about it. With the raw foods market being extremely small and competitive, I believe the best products deserve recognition. This product belongs in that list of the best.



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