Glass Milk Bottles

milk bottles

glass milk bottle containers

I just got these new glass milk bottles in the half gallon and pint size and I LOVE them!  They are great for containing my chocolate bliss, hemp milk, and goji lemonade … and any other liquids you like to keep in your fridge.

They come with a snap top lid that’s held up really well – for a good month of use already.  I bought extra lids just in case, but haven’t needed to change them out yet. Do make sure the lid is on well before you shake the bottle (speaking from experience).

I use 2 of the half gallon size milk bottles for my gallon of bliss.  I just fill both containers up with about half of the bliss mixture from my blender (eye-balling it) and then top them off with water.  The half gallon size is great because it has an easy grip on the side of the bottle and fits really easily in the fridge.  The bottles are also super easy to clean with a quick rinse or popping them in the dish washer.

Here’s where I found them and have ordered from:

It’s been a worthy upgrade.  Enjoy!



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