Health Practices

A Baseline Workout At Home

During The Superfood Challenge, you may want to track changes in your athletic performance as you upgrade your diet. >>> If you are doing the Superfood Challenge with your Crossfit box, ask your coach for a baseline workout that you can do at the beginning and repeat at the end of the challenge. And if you don’t have any one else guiding your workouts, here’s a baseline workout you can do at home: Objective: Get a good workout and measure your athletic performance across several muscle groups Expected Results: Sweating, breathing hard, some sore muscles the next couple of days, […]


High Quality Water

We almost always drink spring water.  There are rare occasions where we drink some other kind of purified water (like while traveling and using the water filters at the airport). Why Spring Water?  It’s pure – free of chemicals like chlorine and (gasp!) fluoride. It’s alive!  The structure of water flowing right out of a spring into your glass containers is noticeably different in taste and effect on your body. It’s free!  Go to to find a spring near you.   Next Best Options When we can’t harvest spring water ourselves, we consider any of these options suitable for […]

Spring Water

Buy Organic When …

The Dirty Dozen … Buy these fruits and veggies organic only, because they contain the highest pesticide load the way they are grown.   And here’s my handy shopping list … add it to the notes on your phone so you always know which produce to buy organic and which is the least contaminated, so probably OK to get conventional (just be sure to wash it well!)   Most Contaminated  (Best to get Organic) Apples * Bell Peppers Blueberries Celery * Cherries Grapes Kale    

12 most contaminated

Managing Your Diet & Habits with Diabetes, Cancer & Corporate Work Stress 1

David Favor & Melissa Cantrelle share their insights about using raw foods and other healthy habits for managing symptoms and situations related to diabetes, cancer and the stresses and time constraints of the corporate work world. These excerpts were taken from a Loving Superfoods dinner event. To learn more about raw superfoods and get customized support for your own health journey, please visit Watch On YouTube Resources mentioned in this video: Primal Digest Enzymes (for diabetes) Gerson Cancer Therapy MMS / Jim Humble Chelators: Chem-Free & Metal-Free Chocolate Bliss (healthy solution for corporate world time constraints)    


The David Favor Story: Raw Food Diet Insights & Craving Decoding

At this Loving Superfoods dinner event, David shares his story of how he damaged his health at age 2 by drinking gasoline, launching his search for high quality foods for healing his own body system.  Hear his simple guidelines for determining if you are well-nourished from your food and how to decode your cravings. Watch on YouTube    


Homemade, Upgraded Tooth Paste

More cost effective than buying tooth paste in the store, natural ingredients, and as much or more effective in keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy.  Perfect! Here’s the recipe for natural tooth paste (it’s really a powder) that I use: 1/4 Cup Baking Soda 1/4 Cup Sun Fire Salt 1/4 Cup Bentonite or Kaolin Clay (available from Mountain Rose Herbs) 1 Tbsp Dried Sage (helps whiten teeth) 1 Tbsp MSM (helps whiten teeth and reduces inflammation)    

Toothpaste tooth powder