Take Back Your Life – Actions 7 & 8

Heart-and-BrainWhen you are upgrading your life it’s important to honor the connection between your body and mind.

Upgrading only one of these, without supporting the other, can create an imbalance that either pulls you backwards into old destructive habits or limits your growth.

As you eat more superfoods you are naturally raising your vibration and increasing your capacity for awareness in your consciousness.  The phytochemicals, rich nutrients and ormus in superfoods help to remove emotional blocks and make new neural connections in your mind.

One of the more beautiful aspects of these consciousness upgrades is that there’s no limit to how awesome you can feel or how enlightened you can be in your daily life! Keep going!


Increase Your Aliveness!

You’re improving your physical & mental performance with superfoods, so give your consciousness the structures to keep evolving to higher states of awareness too.

Some good exercises to help with this come from Harry Palmer’s Avatar® Materials. Check out these exercises from the materials:

Take Back Your Life Exercises 7 & 8

We recommend you use these exercises at least once so you know how it feels to get the expected results.  Then return to them whenever you like.



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