How the Medical Profession Got Off Track

caduceusI read this really interesting article by Lane Sebring, M.D. in the Austin All Natural magazine a while back and saved it to share with you.  It’s a fascinating history that explains a lot about why our current medical profession often overlooks alternative medicine and nutrition (or worse).

Here are excerpts from Dr. Sebring’s article:

In 1901, John D. Rockefeller decided to take over the medical profession for the purpose of eugenics – the practice of selective breeding applied to humans.  Darwin’s theory had been published a few decades earlier and the aristocracy and super rich applied it to social structure and said, “Of course. We are where we are because we are genetically superior, and the rest of the world is where they are because they are inferior and unfit.”  Eugenics did not yet have a bad name at the time – not until Hitler.

Rockefeller took over the medical profession by developing several hundred foundations in the guise of philanthropy, using this method to direct funds towards and away from various medical schools.

  • He succeeded in shutting down every medical school that had nutrition as part of its curriculum.
  • He took control of the medical journals by the same method.
  • He then made sure that the medical schools gave special consideration to applicants with an engineering degree.

Rockefeller had a long history of working with engineers, and knew he could control them by controlling the medical literature.  He also wanted their special skills to advance the field of molecular biology for his purpose of eugenics.

Medicine is taught in a very linear fashion.  You have these symptoms caused by that disease and therefore you get this pill.  Algorithms abound in medical school and medical journals.

Concepts are cute, but what are you going to do with them?  Doctors are taught that medicine must prove the ground it stands on, and the only way that can be done is with a big study, and the only people who do that is the big pharmaceutical companies – and so the loop is closed.

I find it interesting that an 1810 pronouncement by Thomas Malthus has led to the eugenics approach in our culture, society and medicine.  Here’s what I learned about this from Buckminster Fuller’s book Critical Path:

… the 1810 Malthusian assumption that ‘humanity is multiplying its population at a geometric rate while increasing its life-support foods, etc., only at an arithmetic rate’ – ergo, the money-makers assume that there is nowhere nearly enough life support for all.  Malthus said the majority of humans are designed to suffer and die far short of their potential life-span.  Darwin’s ‘survival only of the fittest’ dictum has combined with that of Malthus to persuade the ‘haves’ to be intelligently selfish and to legally fortify their ‘haveness’ position against the ‘have-nots.'”

And even more interesting is that the have and have-not approach to our world is based on information that is no longer true.  Bucky Fuller did a series of “World Gaming” research which showed that by 1969 “the more-with-less technology reached the point where it could be done.  Since then the invisible technological-capability revolution has made it ever easier so to do.  It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.  … With the highest aeronautical and engineering facilities of the world redirected from weaponry to livingry production, all humanity would have the option of becoming enduringly successful.

And in the meantime?  Be about livingry.  Take good care of your health, listen to your body’s wisdom, and follow your heart.



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