Staying Warm Eating Raw Foods in the Winter

As the winter season approaches, a raw food diet becomes a bit more daunting.  Fresh produce is more accessible and plentiful during the summer months, so eating a raw diet can be more manageable.  Here are some tips to help you feel warmer while eating raw uncooked and superfoods in a colder climate:


Staying Warm While Eating Raw

Staying Warm While Eating Raw

Eat more warming foods.  Adding some spicy foods that have a warming effect not only provides a flavorful variation to your meals, but it also speeds up your metabolism and gives you that warming, satiated feeling.  Some examples of warming foods would be cinnamon, onions, cayenne, ginger, turmeric, paprika, garlic, and curry to name a few.

Drink hot tonics and elixirs.  These frothy beverages are fun to make, and they keep you warm to balance out the cool nature of raw foods.  Be sure to read our Yerba Mate Hot Tonic  entry which goes in detail about tonics.


Dehydrate.  Keep in mind that, foods are still classified as raw with all of their enzymes intact up to 115 F.   For example, whenever I make raw bread, or nut meat balls for zucchini noodles, I keep them warm in the dehydrator just before serving.


Warm up your plates.   I typically just pop mine in the oven on a low setting up to 15 minutes before serving.


Warm up your salad dressing.   Pouring warm dressing over your fresh salad makes eating cold produce in winter much more satisfying.


Exercise more.  Whether it’s jumping jacks, push-ups, or rebounding, staying active will help keep you warm.


Take a hot bath.  Be sure to read our blog entry on taking hot baths filled with mineralized Sun Fire Salt.


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