Intro to Superfoods

What Is A Superfood

What the Heck is a Superfood, Anyway?!? By our definition, a superfood is a raw, densely nutritious food that is easy for your body to digest. Raw is important because all the enzymes in the food that help your body digest it are still intact, making it that much easier on your body. Also, when these foods are raw many of them are adaptogens, meaning they help your body adapt to a situation (for example being focused and alert or being blissfully relaxed). Many adaptogenic superfoods become stimulants when they are cooked (cacao, guarana and yerba matte in particular do this). […]

let food be thy medicine hippocrates quote

Easy-To-Use Superfoods To Start With

There are so many Raw Superfoods to choose from, where do you start?  Here are 5 that are among the easiest to adopt into your current lifestyle: 1. Chocolate Bliss, sweetened with Vanilla Agave Nectar It tastes like chocolate milk, it’s packed full of nutrients, and it gently detoxifies you while supporting your body’s renewal. Contains no dairy, soy or gluten. Can be customized to your flavor tastes – more dark or milk chocolatey by how much sweetener/bliss you put in. (Or fruity if you add the mix to a fruit smoothie). The chocolate taste hides flavors of any other […]

Chocolate Bliss

All About Chia Seeds – An Intro to Superfoods Part 7

Here’s the last installment of our introduction to superfoods evening where we talk all about ch-ch-ch-chia seeds.  A great source of protein, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), fiber, and delicious as a pudding!  Enjoy!    


All About Maca – An Intro to Superfoods Part 4

Here’s Part 4 of our introductory session on Raw Superfoods. This one is all about Maca, a Peruvian root that enhances strength, stamina, libido and helps your body build hormones. Great stuff!