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cacao powder

cacao powder

Now that raw food is entering more and more of mainstream consciousness, we’re seeing people dissing raw food or parts of a raw food diet.  It’s almost like there’s a round-robin in the media using the fear and panic of “Is [insert food] bad for you?”

We’ve already talked about the Agave Nectar media frenzy.  Now there seems to be a frenzy brewing about raw cacao.

At this point, I’m not even going to go into detail about why raw cacao IS good for you (but go ahead and check out some of the info we have about the quality of the raw cacao we carry and how helpful the cacao is in the Chocolate Bliss Super Food mix).

Right now I want to talk about how to manage the media frenzies that are bound to come up (and also any other advice or opinions you’re likely to hear from your friends, family, neighbors, doctors, government, etc).

I believe that there are lots of great approaches to life and to food and to health.  How do you know what’s best for you and your body in this moment of time given your current status and requirements? Experiment.  Follow your inner guidance (that gut feeling) of what to try out because it sounds good to you.  Then pay attention to how you feel.  If you feel good or even better, keep doing that “experiment” until something changes.Personally, I’ve been enjoying raw cacao, primarily in my Chocolate Bliss breakfast/snacking, for over two and a half years now and I feel better than I ever have in my life and I continue to feel awesome.  I did the 10 day Master Cleanse and so was without Cacao for that period of time (plus a few days before and after) and I never had withdrawal symptoms or anything to suggest I was addicted or otherwise negatively impacted from having had cacao in my regular diet for 2 years.

Every body is different. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people having results like mine: only vastly improved health.  And I’ve heard a few stories (that sadly weren’t very precise in their details) of people not enjoying their experience with cacao.  For the latter, it sounds as if they may have been eating large amounts of only raw cacao (not much variety in their diet and perhaps way too much).  Nevertheless, they all seem happy with their current health journey now even though they tried raw cacao and didn’t like it then.

I had an awesome email from David Favor, the supplier of the pristine quality raw cacao I consume, in which he eloquently discusses this whole media frenzy over “bad for you foods” … here are some particularly helpful excerpts:

The “Evil of the Day” rotates between topics. Some days it’s Cacao, Agave, Salt, Guarana, Ma Huang, etc.  The people who create this content generate income by creating dissension. Rule of thumb – “Ignore all experts. Test. Use what works for you.”

Each food has a frequency resonance with a scope of experience.  For example, Macrobiotic folks avoid nightshades, which only grow at night and have a distinctive lunar/emotional surfacing effect. In other words, people who are invested in suppressing their emotional world are re-stimulated into ‘feeling’ when they ingest warming foods (full of niacin) like tomatoes and peppers.

If the scope of a particular experience is uncomfortable, most people tend to speak of the food as evil. This creates a buffer zone of groupies around the gurus which are also suppressing the same scope of experience. The net effect is a Tribe which is comfortable with each other.

Neither good nor bad, just imprecise to make up ‘this or that is evil’, to produce comfort. Better to say… “When I eat peppers I feel warm/juicy/alive, so I avoid peppers.” Or… “When I eat Cacao the level of energy available to me is highly disconcerting, so I avoid Cacao.” My preference is preciseness. 🙂

Listen to everything. Test for yourself. Keep what works for you.

I hope this little diatribe will inspire you to follow your own body’s wisdom of the moment, be open to how your tastes/cravings/food requirements change (hopefully always upgrading), and test things out for yourself.  Don’t be a sheep following the herd.  Be a powerful human being following your heart.



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One thought on “Is Cacao Bad For You?

  • Juni

    Best comment ever! I really like David’s approach about testing things out for yourself, maybe first starting with small amounts to see if any adverse reaction ~~ I’m very open to trying and using all sorts of superfoods but certain ones I just can’t stomach, no matter how ‘healthy and good’ they are for you, like wheatgrass. Okra. Durian and most custardy tropical fruits. Hopefully our taste buds hold some bodily wisdom!