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Today Mercola posted an article basically ripping apart agave nectar, claiming that it is far worse than high fructose corn syrup. Some of us feel Mercola is a bit too simplistic in his thinking and that he may even have the hidden agenda of creating controversy so people forward his articles. It seems to be working! 🙂

There does seem to be a lot of controversy around agave these days. David Favor, the creator of SunFire Super Foods (the brand of agave we distribute), has posted this link is to earlier questions and responses about agave:

Additionally, David’s response to Mercola’s article is this:

“Take a tomato… If it’s grown in weak soil, sprayed with pesticides,
heated, tortured, chemicalized and canned… is it really a tomato?Same with Agave.A $15 blood glucose meter tells the tale.I only eat and package Agave which is blood sugar neutral or lowering.The other simple test is people using high quality Agave tend to rapidly balance weight – gaining/losing as required. While downscale Agave puts on pounds at a rapid pace.

So a $15 meter and bathroom scales tell the tale.”

David further commented:

“Worse yet another well known Raw Food entrepreneur is now saying all Agave has high fructose corn syrup added, which is false.He’s doing this as his company has lost their stranglehold on the Agave supply and their profits are down. Now he’s promoting Yacon Syrup, as he thinks he has better control over Yacon supplies.Ah I could tell you stories…I use to think people in the health food industry were all about serving those who desire/require service. I’m now aware of my idealism. 🙂 “

I can tell you from personal experience that all agave nectars are not the same. I have tried a couple different brands and experienced various unpleasantries with them. David Favor is very particular about what he puts his name on. I trust him completely in the quality of his SunFire Super Food line. We have a pretty large customer base who use our agave nectar regularly and who like the results.

Vanilla Agave NectarMelissa and I have both been drinking Chocolate Bliss, sweetened with SunFire Vanilla Agave Nectar, 2 or 3 times a day, almost every day for about one and a half years. We have both lost weight. Melissa has gone from a size 12 to a size 6 without any additional exercising. We both feel and look much healthier. We also eat other superfoods and more raw foods as well. I do think if our agave nectar were bad for us, particularly as bad as Dr. Mercola says, we would be gaining weight and getting less healthy with as much of it as we consume.

I would advise you to trust what your body tells you. If you feel good using it, it is most likely good for you. If you have ill effects, don’t use it. We have mixed up batches of Chocolate Bliss with other sweeteners such as honey and dates and they work well. If you aren’t comfortable using agave, you can try these. We personally like our Chocolate Bliss the best with SunFire Vanilla Agave Nectar.

Processing is everything. If you look at guarana and yerba matte, when heated they become stimulants with lots of adverse side affects. When processed raw, they are adaptogens without the negative side affects. David Favor knows raw food and what works. He has a very sensitive body due to his having ingested gasoline accidentally as a child. I suspect Mercola is not basing his article on personal experience, nor has he tried, sampled or tested all the brands of agave nectar available. I don’t doubt there are some ‘unhealthy’ sources out there. We all know you can find articles to support most any position you want to take. David bases his product decisions on personal, every day use. I am good with that.

An open mind is a wonderful thing,




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