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nutrition label manWe have had some questions asking for the nutrition label for Chocolate Bliss and other superfoods.   The simple answer is

“Forget the counts and read the ingredients.” 

Many of us have been conditioned to read a nutrition label to determine the quality of a food. This way of thinking of food might not always serve us well.  Here are a few perspectives for you to consider:

David Favor’s Perspective on Nutrition Labels

David Favor is the creator of Chocolate Bliss.  He tells us that he is a little bit reluctant to put the nutritional breakdown of his products on the label, because it doesn’t really tell you anything useful. He feels that if the label is on there, people will compare what’s on the label to what is on the label of other foods which are not as pristine, natural or nutritionally packed.

Also, natural foods don’t just have more nutrition, but that nutrition is also much more available to the body. For instance, when you eat a conventionally grown tomato that’s been picked a while ago, shipped and ripened chemically, and you eat a fresh tomato organically grown in your own garden, they are very different tasting and one is clearly much better for you. But if they had nutritional labeling on them, the labels would be virtually identical.

Natalia Rose’s Perspective on Nutrition Labels vs Ingredients

I love this excerpt from her “Raw Food Detox Diet” book:

“Ask an average American to choose which is the better food choice, a Power Bar or an avocado, and he/she will likely point out that the Power Bar has 200 calories and 2 grams of fat while the avocado has 400 calories and 14 grams of fat, and therefore choose the Power Bar.  But the body regards these two items very differently.

To the Power Bar, it says, ‘That’s sugar and chemicals, which I can’t break down.  That will cause me to store waste and gain weight.’ But to the avocado it says, ‘Oh, I know exactly what to do with you. I can break you down completely!’

So you see, the number of calories, protein grams, fat grams, and carb grams are not the information you need to make informed choices about what to put in your body.  You’ve been told for decades to read nutrition labels, but you probably haven’t been reading the right part of the label.

Forget the counts and read the ingredients.  Or, better yet, when you think of putting something into your mouth, ask yourself, ‘Is this food in its natural state and is its source recognizable?’ If the answer is ‘no,’ put it down.  If the answer is ‘yes,’ go to town!”

Our Perspective on Nutrition Labels vs Listening to Your Body

The true test of what is good for you, is to try it in your own body and see how it makes you feel. We pride ourselves in carrying what we believe to be the best superfoods available. We use them daily.

Dan and I have both lost weight, feel much better, have much more energy, clarity and focus. Many of our clients report similar results.

The Vanilla Agave we use is what we prefer after trying other sweeteners in our chocolate bliss, including honey, dates and even other agaves. We hope that you will use whatever feels best in your body.

We encourage you to pay attention to how your body feels with every food you eat … your body knows best.



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