Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor 2

How do you create a balance of nutrition, performance, energy and perfect health by eating raw foods?  David Favor shares his criteria for determining and maintaining balance at this Loving Superfoods Dinner event, including tips about protein, enzymes, alkalinity and inflammation.

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2 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor

  • Juni

    My previous comment went unfinished — I was saying Please Please do more of these types of videos, and it would be great if Yemiah was featured in some, if you could film her in her kitchen and/or garden currently 2014. She is such an incredible inspiration to women about staying healthy while aging (we all age and some not so successfully)

    Could you also address your thoughts on FRUIT EATING? I notice that you don’t feature any fruits in your diet, maybe because the recipes don’t entail them—- but there’s always that huge divide between eating fruits and carbs and low fat vs the fear of fruits raising blood sugar, etc. etc.

    One more question: I’ve been reading from various opinions about FIGS being man’s original and perfect food — any opinions on the benefits of fresh figs?

    keep up the fantastic work and educating so many people on superfoods and the body’s health!!


    • Melissa Cantrelle Post author

      Thanks for the great feedback and encouragement.

      I don’t actually eat a LOT of fruit. More of a balance of fruits, veggies and superfoods … and it varies by season. I stayed with some vegan folks who were heavily fruitarian but found that they preferred to balance it with some cooked veggies (like potatoes and artichokes). It was fun to experience their lifestyle for a weekend, but I prefer the ease of superfoods: less time eating (and preparing food) and more time playing and creating.

      And yes, I love figs! They are really good for the liver and taste deliciously like honey. They are probably one of many “perfect foods” … always good to have a variety of foods that are densely nutritious and health enhancing. 🙂