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A customer asked us about the recent heavy metals debate that Mike Adams stirred up with Jameth Sheridan’s passing.  Here is my response:

Thanks so much for reaching out to us on this topic.  Yes, the whole Mike Adams, Health Force, and Jameth Sheridan’s death stirred up quite a lot of reactions and opinions.  In case you didn’t see it yet, you might also read the statement from Health Force about the situation:

It’s not always easy to know what information to trust.  This comment on Mike Adams’ original post sums up my attitude about it pretty concisely:

“Turns out he contracted the kidney cancer early on in his twenties, among other health complications. According to the memorandum released by Healthforce, he actually died from septic shock resulting from an acquired wound, but this is trusting what they say at face value. If this turned out to be true, it would mean he not only long outlived his prognosis of an early death, but that the cause of it had nothing to do with the consumption of his own products. I’d be most curious in finding out the verified cause of his death, but this can obviously prove rather difficult. My personal opinion is that they are not lying.

It should be of note, that in our world of ever increasing toxicity, it is becoming more and more difficult, near impossible for specific products to not be contaminated. And while I don’t completely agree with Sheridans assertion on the fact the metals being organically bound in plant form renders them without toxicity, I also don’t completely agree with Mikes claim that that there is no difference in how it’s processed within the body. While I never knew Sheridan personally, I always followed his work. He would probably be one of the last people I’d ever suspect in participating in faulty business practices and knowingly selling a toxic product. He simply loved what he did too much.

I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions and throw out all those Healthforce products just yet.” – Chris

Frankly, strong opinions about food quality in the raw vegan world seem to be the norm, and potentially it’s undoing. I’ve always believed that the best way to test anything is to see how your own body responds to it.

Admittedly, heavy metals are harder to track on a day-to-day basis, but I feel that Mike Adams claims that Jameth died because of his products is pretty sensational and not based on autopsy.

I feel the best way to handle heavy metals concerns at the individual level is to take David Favor’s metal-free herbal cleanser and/or MSM.  We stopped carrying the metal-free due to lack of demand, but I believe you can still get it directly from him (radicalhealth.com).

Sadly, testing products is usually quite expensive.  That’s typically the answer I get from David whenever I’ve asked him about other kinds of testing or certification.  As a retailer of products (not the wholesaler) it’s definitely outside of our budget.

And lastly, remember that your attitude about your food can have a strong effect on your experience of it.  If you’re worried about heavy metals, I suggest you do whatever you need at the physical level to satisfy your curiosity, and then bless your food and hold the attitude that everything is alright.  (that attitude works wonders!) 🙂

Hope this helps.  Please let me know if my response stirs up any other questions.  I’m always happy to explore possibilities with you.



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2 thoughts on “Heavy Metals Opinions & Reactions

  • Juni

    Thanks for addressing this issue and your take on it ~ I think the paranoia of toxins and heavy metals is just that, hysteria driven by the growing number of orthorexic vegans out there. Our livers are well equipped to detox anything we ingest IF we haven’t abused them with heavy alcohol and drugs. Andrew Weil, MD even mentioned that a bit of radiation (from past nuclear bomb tests and the sun) was actually good for us.

    I believe that the Sheridans were super conscientious about their product ingredients, as is David Favor, and I have always felt great while using their products and will continue to do so. Melissa you are right ~~ listen to your body as it reacts, it’s our best barometer. Sometimes I think that taking all the detox supplements can put a greater burden on the liver than letting it do it’s own thing! I will continue to enjoy Healthforce Greener Grasses and the Spirulina Manna, and the Vitamineral Green from time to time.

    Mike Adams – like Dr. Mercola – are dedicated alarmists, which can be a good thing, but are quick to jump on the disaster bandwagon. Jameth Sheridan had a lifelong and family history of very bad health and would probably died a long time ago were it not for his clean lifestyle and superfoods.

    Thanks Loving Superfoods for providing this forum for discussion!

    • Melissa Cantrelle Post author

      “dedicated alarmists” – that’s such a great phrase and a nice sum of what feels like is happening in the market place. I don’t know what Mike’s full intentions are, but I do notice that he sells his own products that someone in a fear mindset is likely to buy (e.g. hair metal testing kit and generic seaweed-based detoxifier). I much prefer advertising and discussions that empower the individual to create health from an attitude of abundance than a reaction of fear. And there’s always something for everyone 🙂