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Our Rules For Raw Superfood Recipes

We won’t post a recipe if it doesn’t meet our 3 rules for raw superfood recipes … [Watch On YouTube] (And many thanks to David Favor for the glowing review of how far we’ve come in our own health upgrade journey!)    


The Ultimate Way to Clear Your Sinuses

In this video, David Favor talks about his experiences with NCR (Neuro Cranial Restructuring) Balloon Sinuplasty to clear his sinus passages. Based on his testimonial, we don’t recommend you try this at home, but instead look for a doctor who does NCR in your area. [Watch On Youtube]    


Testimonial of Appreciation

Loving Superfoods is your source for superfoods, recipes, and support. This is testimonial from a happy customer who was shipped superfoods for less than they were originally charged, and refunded the difference via PayPal. “Hi Melissa,   Thank-you so much for the refund. I love your Superfoods products, they actually make me happy just looking at your labeling! And the copy for the ingredients is charming.   I will let you you guys know about samples on my next order, much appreciation.   And yes, I am now on your mailing list.   Best, Marina”   Get started on your superfood […]

Caffenoid Adaptogen Magic

  If you’re looking to boost your mood, attitude, and aptitude (intelligence) first reach for Cacao,  Guarana, Yerba Matte (cold-processed variety)  and see how these effect your creativity and productivity.   One of the hallmarks of Adaptogenic Caffeine is how cold-processed Caffeine tends to up level cognition and mentation.  You can find more information on this in David Favor’s books:  Here is a testimonial about some of the Sun Fire Sunfoods Superfood Products that are sure to add some vitality to your day.   “Like many days, my morning started with a client contacting me about some WordPress work. He’d already spent $1000s […]

Yerba Matte, Guarana, Cacao Powder

Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake Testimonial

Loving Superfoods enjoyed an early Raw Thanksgiving Feast, and the Pumpkin Cheesecake was the highlight according to Adoria.  This video says it all:      

Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake

MSM for Joint Nutrition

Athletes have been known to use MSM improve recovery times, provide joint support, and alleviate muscle cramps.  Here is a MSM testimonial:   “I initially started taking MSM for healthy skin, but I soon discovered that my knee and ankle pains from running regularly first subsided, and eventually went away all together. “ Running is a high impact sport, and injuries can easily occur in the knees, and joints.  Running can wear down the ligaments and joints in your body, so MSM can be used as a daily strategy to help prevent and repair damage before problems arise. Add MSM […]

Adoria working out