Physical Changes & Energy From Raw Superfoods

Here’s what a Loving Superfoods customer had to say about her experience with our raw superfoods:

We love Chocolate Bliss….it’s amazing! We have more energy, mental clarity (that’s pretty crazy!), more strength and best of all for us NO sugar cravings!!!

What I love about eating raw superfood are the physical changes in our body shape! AND immunity strengthened, very noticeably, this time of year! Even with allergy issues! Just the overall feeling satisfied with more energy.

I’m a preschool teacher with 8 precious little people that I spend 5 hours a day with twice a week. They share all kinds of things with me, including their sneezing, coughing and other germs! As moms bring them “not” contagious …just allergies. :/

Since taking Chocolate Bliss and Vitamineral Green my immune system is working really well! My body seems to be resisting “shared” germs!
I really enjoy vitamineral green in grapefruit juice. I can drink it in bliss but prefer bliss in it’s pure form. 🙂
OH! I love BeLoved chocolate bites!
Thanks for all info and recipes.


thanks Becky! We’ll try the Vitamineral Green in grapefruit juice … it sounds delicious!



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