Things To Remove From Your Diet

no signAs you upgrade the quality of your food it becomes easier to crowd out the not-so-good-for-you options.

To accelerate your health upgrades, there are some more toxic “foods” that are worth removing from your lifestyle.

Here are some items we suggest you find alternatives to sooner rather than later:

Sodas / Fizzy Drinks
Phosphates in sodas rob the body of calcium resulting in bone deterioration.  They are also often full of caffeine, sugar and other chemicals that are difficult for the body to process. Instead try Kombucha, Levitation Lemonade or pure spring water.


Artificial Additives (MSG, aspartame, “natural flavors”, etc.)
These are all chemicals that your body does not recognize as natural substances and so must process like a toxin. Read the labels and avoid processed foods with these ingredients.  Instead use SunFire Salt and other herbs and spices for flavoring.


White Sugar
For all the details on why white sugar is so bad for you, watch this YouTube video Sugar: The Bitter Truth
Instead use natural sweeteners, like Vanilla Agave Nectar and Coconut Palm Sugar


Table Salt
White, iodized table salt has been stripped of many of its natural minerals, bleached, and infused with unnatural iodine.  This unnatural iodine will block the uptake of natural iodine in your thyroid, making it almost impossible for your body to fulfill its iodine requirements.  Instead upgrade to SunFire Salt to protect your thyroid.


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO):
GMO foods cause many health issues.  For an overview of why GMOs are so challenging, watch this YouTube video: Genetic Roulette
In the meantime, here are the top GMO foods to remove and replace with organic:

  • Soy (use only small amounts of organic and fermented soy)
  • Corn (use organic only)
  • Cottonseed & Canola Oil (read labels on processed foods)
  • Sugar Beets (used for white sugar)

If it’s organic, it can’t be GMO.  If it’s not labeled, and it’s one of these foods, it’s probably GMO.


Trans fats (fried junk foods)
Your body needs fat to function well, but trans fats are not easily absorbed and are likely causes of heart & vascular challenges, cholesterol issues, and liver problems.  Instead cook with Coconut Oil which can withstand a high heat.


White flour (and whole-grain wheat if you’re sensitive)
White flour acts like a glue to your digestive tract, gumming up the works.  Gluten in general is in so many processed foods that many people are developing an intolerance to it.  Avoid this challenge by eating a variety of foods and use alternative flours like garbanzo bean, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free mixes.


Our processed animal meats these days are typically fed GMO corn and infused with other toxic substances (like hormones and antibiotics).  Try eating a more vegetarian diet and if you still crave meat, upgrade to high quality meats (grass-fed, free-range, organic, no added hormones).




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