Traveling With Superfoods

planeA common hurdle when introducing raw superfoods into your life is how to take your show on the road. And especially when you have the Chocolate Bliss drink as a staple, how do manage getting that through airports!?

Since Dan is a nature photographer and both of our extended families live on either coast, we have tried many kinds of travel, by car and by plane and even some camping, all with our raw superfoods in tow.

Here are our favorite tips for you to try out:

By Car
Traveling by car is of course easier than by plane since you can pack as much as you like, including the Vitamix blender. Here’s what we do when we go long-distance by car:

  • Pack a cooler full of 2 half-gallons full of Chocolate Bliss and ice. Do NOT put Vitamineral Green in this Chocolate Bliss or it will taste really nasty as it warms. I hate pouring out Bliss, but I have because it tasted so bad warmed with greens in it. ew.
  • Include celery sticks in the cooler – the sodium and water in celery balances the Chocolate Bliss nicely.
  • Yemiah’s Creamy Almond Spinach Dip goes well with the celery sticks and can help ward off any cheesy junk food you might otherwise crave.
  • Activated, salted nuts, especially pistachios and almonds are a favorite for quick snacks.
  • When you reach your destination, you can pull out the Vitamix and restock your Chocolate Bliss containers as needed.

We have driven well over 24 hours non-stop together with just us and the Chocolate Bliss to keep us going and it works awesome! Whenever it’s your turn to drive, have a swig of bliss and you’re perfectly alert and focused. When it’s time to switch drivers, the bliss won’t keep you awake and jittery like caffeine would … you can still take a nap while the other person is driving.

By Plane

This is where travel gets trickier since you have airport security and reduced space allowances. You’ve also got a lot of dehydration from the airplane air. Here’s what we do:

  • Make the Chocolate Bliss into Bliss Kisses for the airplane journey. Be sure to make the kisses with cacao butter instead of coconut oil so they stay nicely solid without refrigeration.
  • Bring Dulse Seaweed and/or Seaweed Energy capsules for the airplane since both will help your cells stay hydrated.
  • Carry on a small 2oz bottle of Chlorophyll to add to your water once you’re past security. Sometimes the flight attendants will fill your empty water bottle with their bottled water, but even if you have to fill from the airport drinking fountain, the chlorophyll makes the water taste better and makes the water closer to your blood’s ph.
  • Activated nuts and nori rolls make great travel snacks and meal replacements and contain no liquids!
  • Fiesta Mole is another great superfood mix that can be sprinkled dry on top of just about anything to enhance the flavor and upgrade your food. We especially like it on salads (instead of dressing) and it tastes yummy on granny smith apples (thanks customer Melissa Duke for the idea!).
  • Pack the Chocolate Bliss mix and Vanilla Agave Nectar in a checked suitcase (avoids xrays that way and the agave is a liquid).
  • Bring a small portable blender, like this Hamilton Beach blender we use. For this small size we use our Travel Chocolate Bliss Recipe and an 18 ounce Thermos.

If you’ve developed your own super tips for traveling raw, please pass them along. We’d love to share them with the rest of our online community.



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