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Just got this email from David Favor and thought you might be interested in his Chocolate Bliss variations too:


My primary food has been Chocolate Bliss since March 2004.

And I change it up a bit. Here are some of our house favorite variations.

For the banana variations, blend well. And adding extra banana in an ice cream machine makes some seriously decadent, frozen goodness.

1) Add a drop of essential oil to a glass. Great experiments – Orange, Frankincense, Rose.

2) Add a splash of Black Cherry, Pomegranate or other fruit juice.

3) Add a drop of Orange + splash of Black Cherry. This is one of my favorites.

4) 2 Cups liquid Chocolate Bliss + banana + 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil + 1 Cup Blueberries.

5) 2 Cups liquid Chocolate Bliss + banana + 1/2 Cup or more fresh Durian. Way decadent!

6) Ice-ify your Chocolate Bliss. Put your Gallon ‘o Bliss in the freezer till ice crystals just start to form.

7) Chai-ify your Chocolate Bliss. Add 1/8t+ of one or more cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg.

Send your favorite Chocolate Bliss variation to help at and I’ll give your recipe a taste test. Use a subject line with My Favorite Chocolate Bliss Recipe.

Enjoy your most divinely inspired day ever!

– David

David Favor



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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Bliss Variations from David Favor (the creator)

  • Melissa Cantrelle

    Here’s another favorite recipe I recently received from one of our Loving Superfoods customers … I’m looking forward to trying this one out too!

    1/2 cup bliss and 1/4 cup agave and 1 teaspoon rain-forest rush, 1 coconut (juice with meat) 4 cups of water.
    I do add a handful of fresh berries most days. Bananas and other fruits were too heavy with the coconut meat although it tasted really good.


  • Melissa Cantrelle

    And another couple ideas from our superfood friends …

    “This morning I added some peanut butter to my bliss and it tastes like a reeses peanut butter cup! It is so YUMMY!”

    “I add a splash of coconut oil to a cup of Chocolate Bliss and it tastes like almond joy without the nuts”


  • Melissa Cantrelle Post author

    Ooooh, and another favorite: the “Almond Joy” flavored Bliss. Pour a glass of Bliss and then add a teaspoon of coconut oil and stir well. The coconut oil will likely turn into little globules when it hits the cold Bliss (just like in Goji Lemonade), but it still tastes delightfully good and gives you even more slow-burning energy. Yumm!