Cosmic Chocolate Balls 1

cosmic chocolate balls

cosmic chocolate balls

OMG these are good!  My friend Courtney has been making raw superfood chocolate treats for herself and her family, including her magical toddler son for several years and she’s definitely perfected the flavors, nutrition and art of making cosmic chocolate balls.

Here’s the basic recipe for making Cosmic Chocolate Balls – they will definitely open you up to your most cosmic self!

Cosmic Chocolate Balls

1/2 Cup Hemp Seeds

1/2 Cup Cacao Powder

1/2 Cup Lucuma

1/4 Cup Tocotrienols

1/4 Cup Carob Powder

1-2 tsp Blue Green Algae (use 1 tsp if you’re new to BG Algae)

1 Tbsp Ground Vanilla

2 tsp Vitamin C Powder

1 Tbsp Mesquite Powder

1/8 tsp SunFire Salt

1 Tbsp Mucuna Pruriens Powder

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil (you might use up to 1/2 Cup)

1/3 Cup Honey or Vanilla Agave Nectar or blend of both

1/4 Cup Cacao Nibs (optional – I leave these out because I don’t prefer the crunch, but if you like crunch, add them after you’ve given the rest of the ingredients a good mixing)

Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix well.  For the easiest preparation, add all ingredients to a food processor and grind until a dough like consistency.

Tip: it works well to add everything but the coconut oil and mix well, then add the coconut oil a little bit at a time in order to get the ideal consistency: not too moist and not too crumbly.

You can roll the dough into little balls, or lately I’ve been squishing them into little nuggets.  You can also spread the dough flat on a sheet of wax paper and cut it into shapes or bars.  After you’ve formed some kind of shape, refrigerate for about half an hour for the coconut oil to solidify.  Eat straight from the fridge or at room temperature (store in the fridge if you don’t eat them all at once).

Tips for Variations

This is kind of an advance raw superfood recipe because it requires so many unique ingredients.  The cool thing is, the principle and art of the recipe works great no matter what you have in your kitchen.  If you’re missing an ingredient you can either leave it out entirely or substitute with more hemp seeds or cacao (the primary ingredients).

When you’re adjusting the recipe, just be sure to add the sweetener and coconut oil slowly and in small amounts at the end of your mixing process so that you can arrive at the ideal flavor and moistness.

You could also use the Chocolate Bliss powder as a base to cover a lot of the superfood qualities that make these treats so cosmic.  A bare minimum recipe could look like this:

1/2 cup Hemp Seeds

1 Cup Chocolate Bliss powder (or more)

1/4 Cup Agave

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil


Learn more about how to make these and other decadent, homemade & healthy raw chocolates in our book
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Raw Chocolate Recipes Rich In Superfoods




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