Whoopie Pies – Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches

whoopie pie

Whoopie Pie

My Grandma always gave me ice cream sandwiches when I visited over the summer so I have lots of enjoyment of these frozen oreo-cookie / ice cream flavors.  You might know this taste as a Whoopie Pie, an ice cream sandwich, or kind of a soft oreo cookie that’s been frozen.  You can vary the thickness of the cookie and the “ice cream” filling to suit your specific cravings.  Here’s the recipe:


2/3 Cup Cashews (soaked and rinsed)

2/3 Cup Macadamia nuts (these do not require soaking. You can also substitute cashews here)

2 Tbsp Vanilla extract

2 Tbsp Lucuma Powder (you can leave this out, but it tastes even yummier with it in)

1/4 Cup Vanilla Agave Nectar

1/2 tsp SunFire Salt

4-6 Tbsp Water (add as needed to facilitate a smooth consistency)


Blend all the filling ingredients is a food processor (ideal) or blender.  Add water as needed to achieve a smooth consistency.  Move filling to a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.



6 Dates (pitted)

2-4 Tbsp water

2 Cups Oat Flour (or almond flour or any favorite pulp from nut milk)

1/4 Cup Cacao Powder

1 tsp Mesquite Powder (you can leave this out, but it adds a nice flavor to the cookies)

1/4 tsp SunFire Salt

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

2 Tbsp Vanilla Agave Nectar

1-2 Tbsp Water (add as needed to get the dough to ball up)


Blend dates and water in food processor until a smooth date paste is formed. (This works best if you pulse the dates a bit first before adding the water).

Add the remaining ingredients (except the water) and blend until a dough ball forms.  Note that you may need to add a little water at the end in order to achieve a smooth dough consistency that forms into a ball.


Whoopie Pie Assembly

Put a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Take a bit of the cookie dough and roll it into a ball. Press this ball directly onto the cookie sheet.  If you make the cookie 1/4″ thick the recipe will make about 12-13 whoopie pies.  If you make the cookie about 1/8″ thick the recipe will make about 24 cookies.

Continue to flatten the cookie dough balls onto the wax paper until you are sure you have an even number.

Remove the filling from the fridge (it should be slightly stiff, but not hard).  Put a spoonful of filling onto a cookie (as thick as you like it) and pull up another cookie from the wax paper to gently set on top of the filling.  Do not press down too hard or the filling will squish out.  Repeat until all the whoopie pies are created.

Freeze the whoopie pies for 1-2 hours to allow them to set before eating or transferring them to another container.  I keep mine in the freezer at all times for an ice cream sandwich taste.  If you prefer an oreo cookie consistency, make the cookies 1/8″ thick and keep them in the fridge instead of the freezer.




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