Top Drawer Faves

top of the top, these are the recipes we make ALL the time because we love them so!

Green Machine Macaroons

These protein and green rich treats are so delicious!  We’ve shared a few with our friends and received comments like: “wow, that’s like a densely nutritious breakfast in a bite!” and “Oh my goodness these are so good, I actually have goose pimples all the way down my arms and legs!” (She then proceeded to do a happy dance) : ) We like them so much that we’ve now started doubling the amounts in the recipe below in order to make them last through more of the week (we eat them every day right now). If you’re not going to […]

Green Machine Macaroons

Superfood Bowls 5

I’ve got a new favorite creation on my raw superfood journey that cuts down kitchen time, meets my body’s “NOW” nutrition requirements, and tastes great every time. I think these Superfood Bowls will also empower you to find your own creative nature in your kitchen, as well as be even more in tune with your body’s wisdom. The basics of Superfood Bowls are simple: 1. Get a bowl 2. Add some dry superfoods 3. Add some wet superfoods (fats and/or sweetener) 4. Stir and eat on the spot It might seem like cereal to you, or as my raw friend […]

Sweet Superfood Bowl

Cosmic Chocolate Balls 1

OMG these are good!  My friend Courtney has been making raw superfood chocolate treats for herself and her family, including her magical toddler son for several years and she’s definitely perfected the flavors, nutrition and art of making cosmic chocolate balls. Here’s the basic recipe for making Cosmic Chocolate Balls – they will definitely open you up to your most cosmic self! Cosmic Chocolate Balls 1/2 Cup Hemp Seeds 1/2 Cup Cacao Powder 1/2 Cup Lucuma 1/4 Cup Tocotrienols 1/4 Cup Carob Powder 1-2 tsp Blue Green Algae (use 1 tsp if you’re new to BG Algae) 1 Tbsp Ground […]

cosmic chocolate balls

Green Gobblers 3

My good friend Courtney came up with this recipe she calls snickerdoodles and while I love, Love, LOVE these snacks, the name “snickerdoodle” just doesn’t work for me.  I mean, they’re green.  Snickerdoodle cookies aren’t green. So, since the name keeps throwing me off I’ve decided to call them Green Gobblers … they are green and I can just gobble them all up (even though they are green). Try out this recipe and I think you’ll see what I mean – the sweet taste packed full of protein and green goodness will have you coming back for more. *** Green […]

Green Gobblers

Best Brownies Ever 5

I’ve been playing with the recipes for Chocolatey Chocolate Brownies and my Happy Bars (Energy Bars) and the combination of the two has resulted in what we now call the Best Brownies Ever!  We’ve been eating these non-stop, all day long, for the last month.  Ohhh so grateful! — Here’s the new and improved recipe*: 3 Cups Brazil Nuts 1 tsp Sun Fire Salt 3 Cups Dates 2 tsp Ground Vanilla 1 Cup Carob Powder or Chocolate Bliss Powder 1/4 Cup Cacao Powder or Chocolate Bliss Powder 1/4 Cup Mesquite Powder (optional) 1 Cup Hemp Seeds 1/4 Cup Bee Pollen […]

Best Brownies Ever

Kale Salad with Almond Chili Satay Sauce

Kale on it’s own doesn’t taste all that great … pretty bitter when you eat it fresh out of the garden.  But wow, when you marinate it in some olive oil and salt, it’s so tender … almost like it’s been steamed. And then add on this almond chili satay sauce and it is a super satisfying and really good for you delish dish. Many thanks to Dale Pinnock on Natural News for the recipe … I’ve added measured amounts and a bit more dressing than what it looked like he was creating just cause it makes the kale taste […]

kale almond satay salad