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green smoothieDan and I went to see Victoria Boutenko and her kids talk when they were in Dallas/Fort Worth this last year.  I really like them.  They’ve got great information and their green smoothie concept/recipes are awesome!

I encourage you to check them out directly for all the details behind why this style of green smoothie is so great:

In a nutshell, or an apple seed, here’s why this style of smoothie works so great:

1. They taste great.  It might look green, but all you taste is the sweetness of the fruit. YAY!

2. The ratio of 60% ripe fruit with 40% leafy greens is optimal for humans

3. Blended foods are easy for your body to digest.

4. Green smoothies are a complete food (as compared to juices) because they have all the fiber which is important for your elimination system.

5. Green smoothies are really easy to make (especially with a Vitamix) and way easier to clean up after than juicing!

6. Green smoothies can keep in the fridge for up to 3 days (fresh pressed juices are only good for about 30 minutes).

OK, enough singing praises, here is the basic principle recipe:

  • 2-4 fruits or about 3 Cups.
    For the Vitamix I suggest you cut fruit into quarters (keep the seeds in apples and the like, remove pits from peaches and the like).
  • 1 large handful of green leaves.
  • This is usually 5 large leaves.  Don’t use roots – the value here is in the minerals and chlorophyll in the green leaves.
  • 2 cups water or liquid.
    I love using young coconut water.

In a Vitamix you can add all these ingredients whole.  For a less highly powered blender, you may want to cut out the seeds of the fruit (like core the apples and pears) and chop things into smaller bits in order to help your blender along.  Blend until smooth.  Optionally add ice if you’d like it cold.  Sip and enjoy!

Here are some of the recipes I particularly like:

  • 1 apple quartered (or 2 if small)
  • 1 pear quartered
  • 1 handful of Kale leaves (about 5 leaves)
  • 2 Cups young Coconut Water

  • 1 mango (no pit)
  • 1 sweet apple quartered
  • 1 handful of carrot tops
  • 2 Cups Water or Coconut Water

  • 2 peaches (large)
  • 1 handful of spinach or lettuce leaves
  • 2 Cups Water

  • 2-3 apples (mix varieties)
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 handful of Kale leaves
  • 2 Cups Water

  • 2 Cups blueberries
  • 1 handful parsley (or mix parsley and lettuce)
  • 2 Cups Water

As you can see, the possible recipes are endless.  The key is to keep mixing up which fruits and veggies you use so that you get a good variety.  Variety is important in your diet, especially when it comes to greens which have alkaloids that can build up in your system if you eat the same raw greens all the time.

If you’d like more recipes and all the research details behind Victoria’s green smoothie discovery, check out her Green For Life book.

And in the meantime, start playing with green smoothie combinations.  Yummy!!



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