Chocolate Yerba Matte Tonic

During the fall and winter months, hot tonics can be very welcoming, especially to those of us transitioning into a rawfood diet with naturally warm constitutions.   Hot tonics and elixirs, are potent superfoods, superherbs, and spices with very powerful health benefits.

Combining a ton of high quality superfood ingredients in a liquid form is not only easily digestible, but also absorbed effectively.   It’s an excellent way to target many different areas of the body (digestive tract, liver, blood, etc) at one time.  Chocolate Yerba Mate Tonic tastes like a creamy chai with herbal overtones.


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Chocolate Yerba Mate Tonic

I have decided to feature Yerba Matte as the star of the tonic because this is a great natural stimulant and an alternative to drinking acidic coffee.  I’ve had ambivalence to coffee throughout my life, and it’s a huge part of the culture here in Portland, OR where I reside.   So Yerba Matte is what helped wean me off of my caffeine addiction, while giving me energy throughout the day.   In addition, Yerba Mate doesn’t  give you the jitters and those other unpleasant side effects of coffee.


Tea Base:


Both of these ingredients were steeped for about 30 minutes, and then strained.   Pau D’Arco is a tree in South America that never rots, and when the tree dies, it doesn’t even break down.  So you can imagine what amazing benefits our own bodies can reap from this bark!  This herb is an anti-fungal remedy, and ideal for a candida cleanse.  It has a naturally sweet flavor, so it works well as a base for cacao drinks.  Goji Berries are very rich in nutrients and their medicinal benefits are multitudinous.  Visit our page on Goji Berries to learn more about the properties of this fruit.


Additional ingredients to blend in:


I took all of these ingredients and tossed them in the Vitamix blender.  Lastly, pour the tea base into the blender, and blend for at least 40 seconds.  You should have a frothy, hot tonic that you can sip on throughout the day.  Unlike coffee, you can have as many cups as you wish without any adverse effects.  Enjoy!




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