Levitation Lemonade

Levitation Lemonade by Loving SuperfoodsMy friend Courtney Clay came up with this super hydrating, nourishing, yummy tasting lemonade.  It’s quick to make and easy to customize to your desired tastes and nutrient requirements.  She calls it Levitation Lemonade.  I didn’t ask her why – I was too busy levitating. 🙂

This lemonade has been a life saver for us in the over 100 degree heat we get during Texas summers, after workouts, after sweating at my favorite Korean spa.  It most especially saved our patooties when we were camping and hiking at high altitudes in Colorado this summer.

In the past I’ve gotten altitude sickness very easily (in Colorado and at Yosemite National Park).  It’s not pretty.  Before my raw superfood adventures I tried to combat the altitude sickness with Gatorade-type electrolyte drinks, water, and Ibuprofen (to thin my blood).  While these things helped a little, they didn’t help a lot and I’m just not willing to put that stuff in my body anymore (well, except for the water).

This time, Dan and I drank 1 quart of Levitation Lemonade between us every day (in addition to the copious amounts of water I always drink) and we never experienced ANY altitude sickness.  What a blessing!  Perhaps the lemonade lifted our insides to the same altitude we had taken our bodies?

When you’re ready to re-hydrate, keep cool, and support your body’s natural inclination to levitation, here’s a basic recipe to get you started:

Levitation Lemonade Customizable Recipe

1-3 tsp MSM

1.5-3 tsp Vitamin C powder (this Acerola berry powder tastes the best of what I’ve tried)

1/8 – 1/4 tsp SunFire Salt

1-2 squirts Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton (1 squirt is a dropper full) – Optional

1/3-1/2 Cup Lemon Juice (straight from a lemon or try Santa Cruz brand of bottled natural lemon juice)

2-4 Tbsp Vanilla Agave Nectar

Less than 1 Quart of Pure Water

Fill a quart size bottle with the ingredients listed (start with the smaller proportions to taste test).  Add water about 3/4 of the way full and shake/stir the bottle until well mixed.  Now taste test to see if the lemonade is to your desired taste (keeping in mind you’re going to add more water, so it’s OK if it’s a bit strong).

Adjusting Lemonade To Taste

If it’s too bitter, add more Agave.  If it doesn’t taste lemony enough, add more lemon juice.  If you’re going to drink it after a lot of sweating (post workout or spa), you might add more salt and/or Oceans Alive.

For more tartness, add more Vitamin C powder.  Over time, you may start adding more MSM (a slightly bitter taste) for health benefits, but it’s best to start out slow with this nutrient.

Once the taste is to your liking, fill the rest of the bottle with water and chill (or add ice if you desire a cool drink immediately).

Optional Additions

Optionally you can also add Chia Seeds to this mixture (about 1-4 Tbsp of either dry seeds or already gelled in water) for a high protein content. This makes a “Chia Fresca” kind of drink where the gelatinous chia seeds are floating in the drink.  You might chew them a little bit, or just swallow them as part of the drink (although it is often recommended to chew your drinks in order to activate your digestive enzymes).

Another option is to add about 1-2 Tbsp of Goji Berries for a slightly sweet goji taste, extra hydration and vitamin A properties, and plump goji berries to eat at the end of the bottle.

And finally, if you’re up for adding some more greens in your diet, this is a great way to sneak in some Vitamineral Green or Spirulina.  Add about 1 Tbsp or less to get started and it should still taste nice and lemony.





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