Our Personal Chocolate Bliss Recipe 3

Chocolate BlissHere’s our personal Chocolate Bliss recipe that we use daily.

You don’t need to add more superfoods to Chocolate Bliss, but we like the increased effects from each one of these additions.

(See also the original Chocolate Bliss recipe)

1 Gallon of Chocolate Bliss (Our Personal Recipe)

3 Cups pure water

1 Cup Vanilla Agave Nectar or honey

1.25 Cups Chocolate Bliss mix
We like it extra chocolatey

1 Tbsp Bee Pollen
Gives us more natural energy from the B vitamins and hormone support

1 Tbsp Tocotrienols
Creates a creamier, frothier bliss – more like milk chocolate and high in natural vitamin E, CoQ10 and Glutathione

1 Tbsp Pristine Guarana
An adaptogenic that gives your bliss a mocha-like flavor and gives you more energy and focus

1 tsp Pristine Yerba Matte
An adaptogenic that tastes a little like green tea and give you more blissful state of awareness and relaxation

2 tsp Maca
Gives a slight malt flavor and excellent hormonal support

1 Tbsp Hemp Seeds and/or SunWarrior Protein Powder
We like having this extra boost of protein

Blend until smooth (works best in a Vitamix or other high powered blender), pour into a gallon-sized sealable plastic container, and then fill the rest up with pure water. Shake well, and then chill.

Here’s a helpful hint: Add the Vanilla Agave Nectar right after the water – that way you can use the measuring marks on your blender rather than dirtying an extra measuring cup.


A Few More Options

Here are a few more things we sometimes add, depending on our mood:

1 Tbsp Vitamineral Green
We don’t always add this, but it’s a great way to eat a big variety of superfood greens while still preserving the chocolate taste

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil or Cacao Butter (melted)
Both of these are excellent ways of getting high quality fat for long-term energy.  Plus, it makes the Bliss taste amazing – like an almond joy.

1 Tbsp Rain Forest Rush
Instead of the guarana and yerba matte combination listed above, you can also simplify matters and add this superfood mix. It’s main ingredient is guarana, so use it sparingly, even though it also contains many of the other awesome superfoods like maca, bee pollen and a mix of greens



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3 thoughts on “Our Personal Chocolate Bliss Recipe

  • Todd Brown

    Hello! Is this the actually the correct measurements for a gallon of bliss for super food additive?

    My Vitamin Green suggest starting with 1tsp in a serving per day, then increase to a Tablespoon per day. Does this mean I should add 16 tsp to my gallon mix?

    My Rain Forrest Rush recommends 1 T. per serving. Does this mean I add 16 Tablespoons for a gallon mix?

    My Guarana recommends .5 T per serving. Does this mean I add 8 Tablespoons for a gallon mix?

  • Melissa Cantrelle Post author

    Hi Todd, Yes, these are the measurements we like to use in our personal Chocolate bliss. I’ve never found a detox problem with using too much of the Vitamineral Green – but the more you use, the more you will taste the greens instead of the chocolate flavor.

    The Rain Forest Rush and Guarana can give you a bit too much energy if you use too much of them, though. Every body is different, so you may need to adjust the amounts for your preferred state of alertness.

    I suggest you start with the amounts we recommend and then if you feel you require more energy, slowly add more (like add an additional 1/4 tsp per cup you pour so you can determine the amount that works best for you).

    I don’t see the same recommended amounts per serving on the labels as you describe, but even if I did, I’d still recommend you find the amounts that work best in your body. With high powered superfoods like Rain Forest Rush and Guarana, it’s nice to start with smaller amounts and gradually increase until you have the ideal effect for you.