Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes


Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes eBookYou want to eat more (or all) raw vegan foods, but the cooler Fall/Winter weather and cravings for traditional holiday meals are reducing your desire for smoothies and salads.


It’s time to upgrade your options for raw vegan meals!


This Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes book will help you to:

  • Incorporate more warming raw foods into your diet, keeping your body balanced and increasing your overall health and energy.
  • Upgrade to healthy raw versions of holiday meals that taste as good or better than the traditional cooked foods.
  • Satisfy your cravings for holiday desserts without gaining weight or sacrificing taste.
  • Impress your dinner guests with decadantly flavorful raw, vegan foods that cause endless groans of delight.
  • Infuse even moreenjoyment, love and appreciation into your holiday celebrations.


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What’s Inside the eBook

  • 27 healthy and easy-to-make recipes for holiday meals and desserts that everyone will savor and enjoy.
  • Halloween raw recipes like caramel apples, pumpkin pie and savory soups.
  • Everything you require for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, only in the raw vegan form: “turkey”, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, salads and pies.
  • Raw recipes for Winter like Christmas cookies, raw vegan “eggnog”, and even more warming, savory foods for winter celebrations (or even for daily life)
  • Resources for easily finding ingredients, suggested kitchen tools, and transforming stressful holiday situations into full-on celebrations of love.


About The Author

Melissa CantrelleMelissa Cantrelle is an Upgrade Artist – helping you to gracefully upgrade aspects of your health, thoughts and lifestyle into your most authentic expression of you.

On her journey of evolution she discovered raw superfoods over seven years ago and made quantum leaps in her own health and lifestyle.

Ever since her raw superfood upgrade Melissa has been soaking up information, experimenting and practicing with raw food lifestyles, and sharing what she learns in ways that make it easy for others to practically apply upgrades in their own lives.

Melissa and her mate Dan have been hosting Raw Thanksgiving Dinners for their Dallas community, friends and family for the past 5 years. They continue to receive requests for these holiday recipes and rave reviews of their amazing holiday celebrations. Now it’s your turn to bring the ecstacy of raw holiday foods to your celebrations!


Buy Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes Now and Get:

  • PDF format available to download immediately
  • 37 pages with color photos of each recipe
  • Print individual recipes or the whole book from your computer


Buy Now $5 Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes eBook (Printable PDF)


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Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes





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