Raw Mock Tuna Salad

tuna saladYou could eat tuna salad, or you could upgrade to this tasty raw version … with another shout out of gratitude to Yemiah’s Raw Food Recipe DVD’s!

Yemiah’s Mock Tuna Salad

1 bunch Celery

2 Large Red Bell Peppers

1 Large Sweet Onion

4 Tbsp Raw Sauerkraut

4 Tbsp Dulse Powder (or just add in Dulse seaweed as is)

1 tsp Sun Fire Salt

4 caps Seaweed Energy (empty contents of capsules into the mixture)

2 Cups Activated Walnuts (optional and especially yummy and filling)

Toss all ingredients into a food processor and hit pulse till mixed. Using pulse keeps all the material chunky, with greater texture.

Tip: Add the ingredients to the food processor in the order above to keep the whole mixture chunky, otherwise it might be too smooth (more like tuna from a can – ew).

Great to eat as-is, in Nori rolls or lettuce/chard wraps with Raw Sour Cream, also as a base for nut loaves, pate’s and dehydrated veggie patties. Enjoy!

Oh, and this recipe makes about 4-5 cups of tuna.  You can freeze some for later or make a half-batch.

tuna salad wrap



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