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Chunky Raw Ice Cream 1

One of my persistent cravings is for chocolate peanut butter ice cream and almost any flavor of Ben & Jerry’s chunky styles of ice cream. I whipped this up the other night and it sure satisfied!  The ice cream base was a little runnier than what you’d buy in a store, but I wasn’t willing to wait for it to harden by putting it in the freezer. Here’s how it all came together: 2 frozen bananas 1 Cup Coconut Milk 1 tsp Cacao Powder (heaping tsp) 1 tsp Carob Powder (heaping tsp) 1 tsp Vanilla Agave Nectar 1 Tbsp Peanut […]

Chunky Raw Ice Cream

Best Brownies Ever 5

I’ve been playing with the recipes for Chocolatey Chocolate Brownies and my Happy Bars (Energy Bars) and the combination of the two has resulted in what we now call the Best Brownies Ever!  We’ve been eating these non-stop, all day long, for the last month.  Ohhh so grateful! — Here’s the new and improved recipe*: 3 Cups Brazil Nuts 1 tsp Sun Fire Salt 3 Cups Dates 2 tsp Ground Vanilla 1 Cup Carob Powder or Chocolate Bliss Powder 1/4 Cup Cacao Powder or Chocolate Bliss Powder 1/4 Cup Mesquite Powder (optional) 1 Cup Hemp Seeds 1/4 Cup Bee Pollen […]

Best Brownies Ever

Raspberry Frosting For Brownies and More 3

I made a Chocolate Raspberry Cake for my birthday this year and while it tasted really good, it was a LOT of work.  Wow, I needed a massage after all of that stirring of dates and nuts together.  Clearly the makers of that recipe have one of those electric mixer bowls that you can just leave on for extended periods of time. The good news is, the raspberry frosting from that cake recipe is really easy to make and really yummy (many thanks to the [amazon-product text=”Sweet Gratitude recipe book” type=”text”]1556437447[/amazon-product]).  I highly suggest you make the Chocolate Brownie recipe […]

brownies with raspberry frosting

Chocolatey Chocolate Brownies 3

This is my new favorite when I crave chocolate chewyness (sorry chocolate cake recipe, this one wins out).  I’ve taken a recipe from Ani Phyo’s awesome recipe book, [amazon-product text=”Anis Raw Food Kitchen” type=”text”]1600940005[/amazon-product], and I’ve altered ingredients to make it taste like chocolate brownies with chocolate icing on top.  Mmmmm! *** Brownies (fills a 9×12 pan) 3.5 Cups Brazil Nuts 1 tsp Sun Fire Salt 3 Cups Dates 2 Tbsp Vanilla 1.25 Cup Cacao Powder (or use Carob if you prefer) 1/2 Cup Mesquite Powder 1/4 Cup Tocotrienols (also known as “tocos”) 3/4 Cup Pecans or Walnuts – chopped […]

Chocolatey Chocolate Brownie