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The David Favor Story: Raw Food Diet Insights & Craving Decoding

At this Loving Superfoods dinner event, David shares his story of how he damaged his health at age 2 by drinking gasoline, launching his search for high quality foods for healing his own body system.  Hear his simple guidelines for determining if you are well-nourished from your food and how to decode your cravings. Watch on YouTube


Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor 2

How do you create a balance of nutrition, performance, energy and perfect health by eating raw foods?  David Favor shares his criteria for determining and maintaining balance at this Loving Superfoods Dinner event, including tips about protein, enzymes, alkalinity and inflammation. Watch on YouTube


Digestive Enzymes: Let’s Talk About Quality

Here’s an excerpt from a Raw Superfood Dinner where David Favor was visiting and sharing information about Digestive Enzymes and supplements … Watch out for excipients (like Magnesium Stearate) and low quality enzymes that do not have highly active ingredients. Watch on Youtube

The Ultimate Way to Clear Your Sinuses

In this video, David Favor talks about his experiences with NCR (Neuro Cranial Restructuring) Balloon Sinuplasty to clear his sinus passages. Based on his testimonial, we don’t recommend you try this at home, but instead look for a doctor who does NCR in your area. [Watch On Youtube]


Blood Pressure, Caffeine & Getting Off Medications: An Interview With David Favor 2

Here’s another awesome interview I had with David Favor (creator of Chocolate Bliss and all-around wise raw superfood being). In addressing the scenario of a specific client’s health concerns we talked extensively about the real issues behind high blood pressure, the truth about caffeine, and how one might go about getting off of medications and more onto raw superfoods. [watch on youtube]    


Practical High Performance Health Practices

Here’s another interview with David Favor about a bunch of stuff we’ll just call “Practical High Performance Health Practices” David Favor is the creator of the SunFire Super Foods brand (which includes Chocolate Bliss) and he’s a wealth of information! This is over an hour of David Favor and I talking about all this great stuff: Comparison of mineral supplements to whole, raw superfoods How to listen to your cravings to discover and correct your nutrient deficiencies Why Salt is your friend, Supplements not so much Alcoholics and Sugar as a metaphor for Junk Food Addictions Managing Guru Advice and […]


Clearing Sinus Infections

Here’s an interview I did with David Favor, creator of SunFire Super Foods, about his sure-fire method for clearing chronic sinus infections. Here he shows how to use Balloon Sinuplasty or NCR (NeuroCranial Restructuring).   Watch on Youtube: http://youtu.be/NOEN_6kKAt0 Here’s the link mentioned for finding a practitioner near you: http://balloonsinuplasty.com/ We also talk about a Neti Pot for sinus maintenance. I haven’t tried this yet since my sinuses have cleared simply from eating raw superfoods like Chocolate Bliss and plenty of Primal Digest Enzymes whenever I have any sinus inflammation occur.  If you have chronic sinus infections, try the sinuplasty […]


Radiation Protection 1

I had the pleasure of another round of Skype interviews with David Favor, creator of the SunFire Super Foods line or densely nutritious products we distribute and eat daily.  This time we’re talking about the stages of radiation impacts on our bodies and how to use superfoods to prevent such disruptions. Watch the 19 minute video here: Watch on YouTube A few notes from our conversation:


Is Cacao Bad For You?

Now that raw food is entering more and more of mainstream consciousness, we’re seeing people dissing raw food or parts of a raw food diet.  It’s almost like there’s a round-robin in the media using the fear and panic of “Is [insert food] bad for you?” We’ve already talked about the Agave Nectar media frenzy.  Now there seems to be a frenzy brewing about raw cacao. At this point, I’m not even going to go into detail about why raw cacao IS good for you (but go ahead and check out some of the info we have about the quality […]

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Interview with David Favor (Part 3) All About Sleep & ADD/Autism

Here’s part 3 of the interview I did with David Favor last June.  The previous parts of the interview are all about using raw superfoods with diabetes. In this part of the interview we discuss: * Managing Healthy Sleep Options (and specifically we talk about the Vitalize herbal lymph cleanser) * Nutrition and Raw Foods for ADD / ADHD / Autism *** Watch This Part 3 Interview on YouTube