Raw Superfood & Super Herb Elixir Demo

Here are two videos from our Raw Superfood Dinner where I demonstrated and talked in detail about how to make a raw Superfood and Super Herb Elixir. This recipe is inspired by Daniel Vitalis’ Elixir Craft.  Here I talk in detail about the steps of making a super herb tea, then an herbal nut milk, and with the third step (part 2 video), a raw, warm elixir smoothie drink. Yumm! For the written version of these recipes, here’s the detailed version I’m making here: http://www.lovingsuperfoods.com/blog/raw-recipes/magic-superfood-elixirs and here’s a short-cut version that I recently created (and talk about in the video): […]


Quick & Easy Super Elixirs 1

In the winter time I crave warm food and drink and the Magic Superfood Elixir recipe really satisfies.  But sometimes I don’t feel like going through all those intricate steps and waiting all that time … I want warm yummyness now! So, here’s my quick and easy way to make a superfood, super herb elixir … YAY! 🙂 1. Find some super herbs you want to use. The quick way of doing this is to browse the tea aisle of your local natural grocery store.  There’s usually a brand like Traditional Medicinals that has pre-packaged herbs and herb combinations for […]

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Magic Superfood Elixirs 1

I’ve been inspired by Daniel Vitalis’s visit to Dallas and his ElixirCraft to create my own warming, superfood elixirs.  Wow, are these yummy, warm, hearty meals in a cup!  Here’s a basic recipe to get you started and some links for you to play with … — Melissa’s Magic Superfood Elixir Step 1: The Super Herb Tea Base 8 Cups Pure Water 1/4 Cup Pau D’Arco bark (antifungal) 1/4 Cup Cats Claw bark (antiviral) 1/2 inch Galanga (you could use Ginger, but Galanga is more anti-inflammatory and a little peppery.  Find it at your local Asian grocery store) 1/4 Cup […]

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