Hemp Milk Recipe And Demonstration

Here’s Dan demonstrating the Hemp Milk recipe at one of our Superfood dinners.Click here for the printable version of the recipe … Hurray for Hemp and Hemp Milk!Wish you could have been there to taste the yummy goodness. I guess you’ll just have to make your own and raise a glass in our direction. We’ll be drinking to your health again soon!    


Hemp Seeds Superfood and Awesome Hemp Facts

Here’s a short excerpt from our June 2009 superfood dinner where Melissa got the chance to rave about the great properties of hemp and the superfood hemp seeds.Let’s change the world and use more hemp!To get the rest of the facts and details from my source, check out the awesome superfood resource book called “[amazon-product text=”Superfoods” tracking_id=”lovingsuperfoods-20″ type=”text”]1556437765[/amazon-product]” by David Wolfe. Or watch this awesome documentary about hemp the plant: [amazon-product image=”71njr25hp7L._SL160_.gif” tracking_id=”lovingsuperfoods-20″ type=”image”]B00005KHK9[/amazon-product] Enjoy the show!    


Hurray for Hemp and Hemp Milk!

I bought hemp milk at our local Herbmart natural grocery store, but it didn’t really taste all that good.  Once we got this recipe (thanks Laura!), we’ve all become hooked, including Dan’s teenage athlete daughter.  It’s very, very, VERY filling! Here’s the Hemp Milk recipe, and then a few words on hemp because we love it so … Hemp Milk 5 Tbsp Hemp Seeds 1 Tbsp Maca 4 Cups Water 1/4 Cup Vanilla Agave Nectar (or Local Honey) 1/4 tsp Cinnamon 1/8 tsp Cardamom 1/8 tsp Sun Fire Salt    

hemp milk