Not Your Mama’s Raw Mac N Cheese

This is not your mama’s mac and cheese.  I tried.  I scoured my raw recipe books and googled raw recipes for mac and cheese, and nothing I made met my standards of tasting like a good quality version of the traditional cooked mac and cheese. It’s just not so easy to replicate the texture of soft macaroni noodles and there are many flavor preferences when it comes to the cheese sauce (are you a boxed Mac n Cheese lover or baked Mac n Cheese and how tangy should the cheese sauce be?). The good news is, I’ve now got a […]

mac n cheese

Raw Pad Thai

I love pad thai, so I’ve been searching for a good raw version of this favorite comfort food.  I found lots of versions, but none of them seemed to completely match my taste cravings, so I decided to combine my favorite parts into my own raw pad thai recipe. Pad thai is all about having the right balance of sweet, salty, tangy and spicy.  So I went back to the cooked version recipes to see what the basic ingredients are in order to start my raw version with good proportions.  Here’s what I’ve come up with: Pad Thai Sauce 1/2 […]

Raw Phad Thai

How to Make Raw Squash Pasta with a Spiralizer + Bell Pepper Pesto Sauce

Learn all about the fun of Spiralizers for making raw pasta out of vegetables.Here I show and explain the difference between three different kinds of spiralizers and demo making pasta with my favorite spiralizer (available on here: Also briefly demonstrated is Yemiah’s Bell Pepper Pesto (see the recipe here) with some alterations and suggestions for future customizations. During this portion of our Superfood dinner we also talk about being 100% raw vs. having cooked food and the importance of having heating foods in your raw food diet. Enjoy! Raw pasta is so much easier when you have this […]