Raw Holiday: Mock Whip Cream 1

If you’re going to have pumpkin pie, in my world, whip cream is a necessity!  Enjoy this whip cream anywhere else you would use regular whip cream, only without the dairy and just as quick and easy to make as old-fashioned whip cream. *** ½ Cup Macadamia Nuts ½ Cup Cashews (or substitute all macadamia nuts) ½ Cup Almond Milk 2 Tbsp Agave Nectar 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract 1 tsp Psyllium Seed Powder If you’re using cashews, soak them for ~4 hours (macadamia nuts do not require soaking).  Blend almond milk, agave, nuts, and vanilla in high powered blender until […]

Raw Holiday: Pumpkin Pie Without the Pumpkin

This is the Best Pumpkin Pie EVER! And it doesn’t even have any pumpkin in it, so it’s easy for your body to digest (raw pumpkin: not so easy). Tastes best with the Raw Mock Whip Cream (of course!) *** Crust: ½ Cup Dates 1 Cup Almonds (not soaked) ½ tsp Sun Fire Salt Grind almonds and salt until a rough flour consistency (in food processor or high-powered blender).  Food process dates.  Mix all ingredients together in bowl (or in the food processor) until evenly sticking together.  Mold crust into a pie plate, starting with edges first.  Use wax paper […]

Pumpkin Pie

Raw Key Lime Pie

I love key lime pie and now that I found this raw version I love it even more.  Regular key lime pie tastes so sweet and processed to my tastebuds now that I’m used to eating more raw, pristine, live foods.  I found a raw key lime pie recipe online and have adjusted it to taste even more like the key lime I remember and better. This raw dessert takes a bit longer than our yummy raw apple pie, but it’s worth it when you’ve got a key lime craving.  I make suggestions for simplifying below, and I highly suggest […]

Key Lime Pie

Raw Apple Pie … The Quickest, Yummiest Pie!

In addition to the Raw Cheesecake, we’ve got a new favorite raw dessert that takes even less time to prepare and is super yummy. This apple pie works best with Granny Smith Apples since their tartness balances out the very sweet sauce.  I also love that the pie looks baked with the extra-special crumbly topping.  Oh, and if you want it even quicker, try it without the crust – it’s just as good and yummy. Crust Ingredients 1 Cup Walnuts (or pecans) – dried!  (soak, rinse and dehydrate them or just use them dry) 1/8 tsp Sun Fire Salt 1 […]

raw apple pie