Sprouting Lentils 1

I used to be afraid of sprouting.  It’s supposed to be good for you – eating all those really alive, nutrient-rich sprouts.  But it always seemed like it would be hard work because you have to keep rinsing the sprouts as they grow. My first foray into sprouting was with sunflower seeds and buckwheat because I could sprout those particular seeds like everything else I grow … in soil.  See my posting here about how to handle those seeds. Well, I’ve played with sprouting lentils twice now, and I think I can safely say that it’s Super Easy and even […]

sprouting lentils

Raw Alive Chili 1

This raw chili makes eating raw dinner in the colder winter weather quite enjoyable.  There’s nothing like a creamy, spicy, delicious soup to make my toes tingle and my body feel all warm, snuggly, and with this raw chili, quite ALIVE! Here’s the recipe that will make about 4 cups worth of chili: *** 2 Cups Blended Tomatoes (add in a few sun dried tomatoes for some extra tangy zip) 1 Avocado 2 Celery Stalks    


Growing Sunflower Seed Greens Indoors

In the wintertime I start to get the gardening blues … I don’t get nearly the amount of time playing in the dirt that I crave.  That’s one more reason I love growing my own Sunflower Seed Greens in my kitchen window.  I get to play in the dirt and I have my own organically grown nutritious greens to add into salads and green smoothies at my whim. YAY! If you want to grow your own, here’s the low-down on how to do it … (this also works great with Buckwheat greens which are a little thinner stem and equally […]

Sunflower Seed Sprouts