Travel Size Chocolate Bliss Recipe 1

When we travel to hotels we usually make smaller, “daily” batches of Chocolate Bliss.  We have found that an 18 ounce thermos full of Bliss (and ice) will keep one person satisfied and energized for a full-on day of workshops and events (we have successfully proven this in several situations). Here’s how we make this smaller travel size portion of Chocolate Bliss: Bring a small portable blender, like this Hamilton Beach blender we use.  (If you’re taking your blender in a carry-on bag, make sure the blade is NOT removable from the container.  Sometimes they check and confiscate it if […]


Traveling With Superfoods

A common hurdle when introducing raw superfoods into your life is how to take your show on the road. And especially when you have the Chocolate Bliss drink as a staple, how do manage getting that through airports!? Since Dan is a nature photographer and both of our extended families live on either coast, we have tried many kinds of travel, by car and by plane and even some camping, all with our raw superfoods in tow. Here are our favorite tips for you to try out: By Car Traveling by car is of course easier than by plane since […]


Finding Raw Food On The Go

Have you ever been to a raw food restaurant? If not, it’s well worth exploring. You can get all kinds of ideas of new recipes to try and it’s so nice to be fed yummy, live foods without having to do all the prep work. Here in Dallas, Texas we have a new raw food restaurant called Bliss Cafe. I got my blueberry cheesecake recipe from their dessert chef, Miranda (it pays to ask). I’ve had some super yummy meals – some I’ve tried to repeat and some I’m perfectly happy just going there to eat. Especially their raw lasa […]

bliss cafe

Laura’s Bliss Kisses – The Bliss-full Way To Travel 7

I like chocolate, especially when I can chew on it. Thankfully my friend and raw kitchen elf came up with this “bliss kiss” recipe.  I’ve found that when I make it with cacao butter (in place of coconut oil), it’s a particularly easy way to travel and still have my chocolate bliss fix. [Cacao butter will stay solid at room temperature after it’s been refrigerated once.  Kisses made with coconut oil need to stay frozen or refrigerated (I like frozen) so they don’t get mushy] When you play with your own variations, please comment what works best for you … […]

bliss kisses on hands

Always On The Move With Nori Rolls 3

These little beauties keep us moving.  They’re easy to travel with, they are nicely filling, and they taste yummy! I now make several batches at a time to fill up my dehydrator and have them always on hand in the fridge. Yes, I keep them in the fridge because I had a batch go moldy on me in the cupboard.  Must be our Texas humidity.  Anyway, they’re perfectly fine outside the fridge for a few weeks of travel. You need a dehydrator for this, but you also need it for crunchy nuts, flax crackers and lots of other yummy stuff, […]

Nori Rolls