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Chocolate For Focus Webinar 7

Here’s the first of our Q&A Webinars, this one is focused on How Raw Chocolate can Increase your Focus, Concentration & Energy. watch on Youtube: Here’s What We Covered about Chocolate For Focus: * Components of Chocolate that Increase Focus * Why Chocolate is Better Raw * How To Make It Easy With Chocolate Blissing * Q&A: We’ll answer your questions about chocolate, focus, energy, superfoods and health. Great questions and answers in this webinar including: – getting off of meds for ADD – Chocolate Bliss for IBS – Supplements vs. Superfoods – Combining Cacao and Carob for magnesium and calcium […]


How to Make Kale Salad with Superfood Dressing

We love this Kale Salad with superfood dressing recipe!  Here’s how to make it: Watch on YouTube   What you’ll need: Head of Kale Sunfire Salt Olive Oil Spirulina and/or Vitamineral Green Fiesta Mole Nutritional Yeast Flakes    


Managing Your Diet & Habits with Diabetes, Cancer & Corporate Work Stress 1

David Favor & Melissa Cantrelle share their insights about using raw foods and other healthy habits for managing symptoms and situations related to diabetes, cancer and the stresses and time constraints of the corporate work world. These excerpts were taken from a Loving Superfoods dinner event. To learn more about raw superfoods and get customized support for your own health journey, please visit Watch On YouTube Resources mentioned in this video: Primal Digest Enzymes (for diabetes) Gerson Cancer Therapy MMS / Jim Humble Chelators: Chem-Free & Metal-Free Chocolate Bliss (healthy solution for corporate world time constraints)    


Creamy Chia Pudding Demonstration

Here’s Melissa showing how to make our Creamy Chia Pudding recipe (Upgraded Chia Pudding!) and sharing tips for making the smoothest chia gel and using chia pudding for breakfast, during a cleanse, and with added superfoods.   Watch on Youtube    


The David Favor Story: Raw Food Diet Insights & Craving Decoding

At this Loving Superfoods dinner event, David shares his story of how he damaged his health at age 2 by drinking gasoline, launching his search for high quality foods for healing his own body system.  Hear his simple guidelines for determining if you are well-nourished from your food and how to decode your cravings. Watch on YouTube    


Raw Food Diet Tips from David Favor 2

How do you create a balance of nutrition, performance, energy and perfect health by eating raw foods?  David Favor shares his criteria for determining and maintaining balance at this Loving Superfoods Dinner event, including tips about protein, enzymes, alkalinity and inflammation. Watch on YouTube