Chocolate For Focus Webinar 7

Here’s the first of our Q&A Webinars, this one is focused on How Raw Chocolate can Increase your Focus, Concentration & Energy.

watch on Youtube:

Here’s What We Covered about Chocolate For Focus:

* Components of Chocolate that Increase Focus
* Why Chocolate is Better Raw
* How To Make It Easy With Chocolate Blissing
* Q&A: We’ll answer your questions about chocolate, focus, energy, superfoods and health.

Great questions and answers in this webinar including:

– getting off of meds for ADD
– Chocolate Bliss for IBS
– Supplements vs. Superfoods
– Combining Cacao and Carob for magnesium and calcium
– Salt: toxin or nutrient?
– How to listen to your body’s nutrient needs
– Fiesta Mole vs. Chocolate Bliss ingredients and nutrient profile
– Sleeping after having raw chocolate at night

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