A Collection of All Our Posts with Videos In Them

How To Make Chocolate Bliss

Here’s a visual how-to for making Chocolate Bliss the simple and superfood-packed way we make it at home.  And as we’re making it, I’m of course sharing tips and superfood information along the way. 🙂 If you want superfood hand-holding in your kitchen or customized upgrade support for your health and life, check out our Superfood Coaching Sessions. Watch on YouTube      


Superfood Sun Protection

Here’s an easy way to protect your body from sunburns: eat anti-oxidant rich superfoods, like Tocotrienols (also high in vitamin E). Watch this snippet from a superfood dinner where David Favor talks a bit more about Tocotrienols, what they are, and how they help Watch on Youtube    


Organic Certification 101

When you choose to upgrade the quality of your food, it’s natural to look for EVERYTHING organic.  But sometimes that higher priced organic food isn’t necessarily any better for you than the not-certified-organic option. Watch this video of my conversation with David Favor to learn some of the behind-the-scenes intel on organic certification and how to use your common sense logic to find high quality foods. We also discuss how to avoid irradiated food and protect from radiation and David’s hopeful perspective on the end of GMO foods. [Watch on YouTube]    


Label it: Indulgent!

Here’s an entertaining and informative video from NPR on just how much your thoughts and beliefs affect your body, especially with respect to satisfying your hunger. [Watch On YouTube] Our take-away from this research:  eat high quality foods that taste decadent and indulgent to you.  That way both the nutrients in the food and your mind-labels on the food will satisfy the “ghrelins” and you won’t have excess toxins to expel later. 🙂    


Managing Allergies With Raw Superfoods

Here are year-round tips for reducing allergic reactions by supplementing with Raw Superfoods:  Bee Pollen (high in Histamine) and Enzymes. In this video, David Favor, the creator of Chocolate Bliss raw superfood mix, explains the difference between using bee pollen or honey for allergies: Bee pollen does not need to be local! It aids with allergies because it is high in histamine.  It’s best if it comes from a pure location, like the Pristine Bee Pollen David sources from Canada. Honey, however, acts as a homeopathic, so local honey helps your body to adjust to local pollens.   [Watch on […]


Our Rules For Raw Superfood Recipes

We won’t post a recipe if it doesn’t meet our 3 rules for raw superfood recipes … [Watch On YouTube] (And many thanks to David Favor for the glowing review of how far we’ve come in our own health upgrade journey!)